NAHS: Potomac Falls Supports and Celebrates Student Artists


National Art Honors Society uplifts student art at Potomac Falls, and gives PFHS a chance to support student artists.

Everywhere in the world, it is important to recognize, uplift, and support artists who are able to express their vision through many different mediums. Here at Potomac Falls, students who excel at practicing art can be involved in the National Art Honors Society (NAHS). At Potomac Falls, art students are able to practice their craft in the space of other artists and get involved in local opportunities in the Potomac Falls community.

NAHS is a national organization that has “provided national recognition and opportunities for students who exhibit outstanding scholarship in the visual arts, and for their teachers,” according to the official website. The Society offers students chances of scholarships and awards for their work, and gives students the opportunity to be involved in their community.

Recently, NAHS sold custom earrings outside the cafeteria as a fundraiser. The earrings were created by some of the students using beads, metal, plastic, and other materials, in the spirit of the holiday season. “We’ve been making up plans to make money for the art department, we’re running low on supplies, and we’re trying to bring more light onto our art students,” said junior Lindsay Garcia, member of the NAHS. “There’s a variety [of earrings] I would say, there’s definitely different styles too… there’s very cutesy ones and there’s reindeer, and also floral ones. We get a wide range,” said junior Gabi Maldonado, another member of the NAHS.

One of the biggest benefits of the NAHS at Potomac Falls is that it creates a sense of community among the art students at the school. Students can create art in an atmosphere that recognizes individual achievement and passion in the arts by those who share that passion. “I think it’s kind of like an environment where people can kind of just come together and you get to meet people with shared interests and the same motivation to kind of just make art more known around the school, and kind of just sharing their passions,” said senior Saba Banaii, President of NAHS. “I think it’s just a nice little place where you can be creative.”

NAHS also helps student artists be involved in the community, hosting events such as paint night. “During the year, we’d host paint nights. We used to go to the elementary schools and teach them art,” said senior Helen McCarthy, PR Director of NAHS. “Last year, we held a paint night here where we did an advanced and then non-advanced class for younger students… We did a gallery night last year that I think we’re planning to do this year where we set everything up in the library.”

“We have quite a few students in the Art Honors Society that are not able to take Art this year, and so it gives them the opportunity to participate in art and create art and to go out with us in the community,” said sponsor and art teacher Elizabeth Chodrow. “It does honor those that have a passion in art and excel in art, and it’s also important to recognize the high achievement in the arts.”