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Patents Hint at Future Apple Devices

The Latest on New Products and Features

Dana Altarace, Staff Writer

  With technology constantly improving and advancing, competition develops among many companies such as Apple and Samsung. In order for one company to get a competitive edge over another, they can file a patent for their ideas. Patents are government licenses that confirm the right to prevent others from copying your ideas. Recently, Apple has filed for many interesting patents that hint at what the future may hold for their upcoming products. According to multiple sources, examples include:


  1. Flexible display devices. Such as an iPhone that can bend in half to grip to your clothes.

      2.   Interchangeable camera lenses

3. An iPhone with a joystick that can pop up from the home button. Used to play games.

  1. An iPhone with sidewall displays

5. A solar charging accessory for iPhones and MacBooks

      6. An electronic device that works just like a normal tablet, but when turned off, looks like a pane of glass.

  1. An iPhone that would disable your camera or watermark your videos when you try to take videos at concerts. The watermark would prevent you from claiming the video as your personal property.


   According to, a flexible iPhone may be released as early as 2018. Sophomore Mackenzie Greene likes a lot of the patents, but she has two favorites.

“I really like the interchangeable lenses. I thought that was cool because I like photography. [I also like] the solar charging accessory. I own a lot of Apple [devices], so that’d be helpful.”

   On the other hand, sophomore Taylor Margeson said, “[I like] the tablet that looks like glass, but when turned on has lasers.”

   Though both look forward to seeing these advancements on future Apple products, they also have other changes they want put in place.

  “I definitely want more interface changes. I feel like they make a lot of internal changes, and I’d like to see [more] things that you can customize,” said Greene.

  “[I’d like] more battery [and] more damage resistance,” said Margeson.

  Overall, both agree that the new patents could prove to be very useful.

  “These are things that [can] help the iPhone with things it can’t do by itself. It would be a cool addition,” said Greene.



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