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PEER students and transfer students had an eat and great breakfast last Thursday

This past Thursday, Sept. 27, transfer students and members of the cocurricular Positive Experiences in Education Representatives (PEER) convened in the library for a meet and greet breakfast.

For the first 45 minutes, underclassmen came to the library to eat chick fil a and get to know each other. PEER members started off the breakfast by introducing themselves and saying what they were interested in. Senior Cayla Sweazie is in her second year of PEER mentoring.

“It’s cool getting to meet new kids and seeing how their interests are similar with yours, and you can make new friends out of that. It’s more of a friendship than us mentoring them,” said Sweazie.

Sophomore Katherine Farthing lived in Budapest for three years, and was able to reconnect with old friends.

“The people that ran it were really open and they just sat with you while you ate and asked you questions about coming back.” Farthing bonded with people that she still currently talks to, including someone she knew before she moved.

The PEER eat and greet was enjoyed by both transfers and PEER members alike. Students can be on the lookout for PEER’s next initiative, which will be during advisory during October.

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