One Month In: PFHS Weight Room


All the details of the newly constructed weight room and how it affects athletic performance.

A process. That’s the best way to describe the PFHS weight room renovation. The recently opened weight room of Potomac Falls High School has many features and elements. Principal Dr. Wolfe said the weight room took approximately nine months.

Athletic director Nick Siano had lots of information to share about the weight room, which he stated was funded by Loudoun County Public Schools. “One of the priorities of Loudoun County was to get our weight room closer to what the newer schools look like,” said Siano. The approximate size of the weight room is 2,700 square feet. 

This new addition has also greatly benefited athletes. “The weight room has helped me improve because it’s helped with conditioning and speed, so I think it just really helps build muscle,” said sophomore Isabella Cheiaua, who runs winter track. 

Senior Taylor Colwell, who is also in winter track, said, “being able to use the weight room has been really helpful for me to train for jumping.” Colwell said track gets to use the weight room two times a week out of a full week of practice.

Scheduling time for the athletes in the weight room is a process as well. “We prioritize our in season teams [winter] and then out of season teams,” said Siano. 

What’s in the weight room? From state-of-the-art equipment to floor to ceiling windows, the weight room certainly has many features, and there is more coming. Siano said that there would be more elements added to the school’s weight room. “We are going to add four TV’s so classes can use them for exercising, showing how certain lifts should be done, and our sports teams can use them for videos to watch as well.” 

Use of the weight room is not limited to just athletes. “There will be a record board in there, so athletes and students will be recognized,” said Siano. The weight room will double as a classroom for the P.E. department to use, so it is truly an experience for both students and athletes.