Library Hotspots: What Each Library Has To Offer Near Us


Whether you want to catch up on a book or wind down and study, a library is a perfect place for any kind of stationary prolonged activity because of its culture of education, silence, and serenity. But how certain libraries go about this culture is what makes each of them special. What do each library near Potomac Falls specialize in? How do they interpret library culture?

The Cascades library is one of the most known libraries in our area, especially because it is one of the closest libraries to Potomac Falls. This library holds tons of local events and clubs, a community staple. As for its aesthetics, it is your average library layout, book shelves and an open spaced area. There are private study rooms, but they are very confined and stale. There is a meeting space room that you can reserve with natural light and large windows, which is my favorite spot in the cascades library to get things done. 

Taking on a more modern approach, there is the Sterling Library. Built fairly recently, this library consists of a well lit library, a makerspace room, a teen room, and more. Their teen room is one of my favorites, having multiple Pc’s and a playstation. One wall of the library has these bean shaped vibrant color holes, which you can sit in and read in. The makerspace room is usually used for the creative events that take place at the library.

The Fortnightly Library is an odd ball of the bunch near us. Belonging to Fairfax County, you will need a different library card. The Fortnightly library is on the smaller side, but it is in the unique shape of a dome. This dense library embodies the small town theme that the heart of Herndon has, a very community knit area. Inside the library, two cozy floors reside: upstairs with books, downstairs having restrooms and meeting rooms.

Although this one isn’t run by a county, nor is it really a library, Barnes and Noble One Loudoun is a popular place for students to collaborate and get work done. Barnes and Noble does have a more cozy atmosphere. It consists of books organized by themes that you can buy, some tables and seats hidden between the shelves, and a starbucks to allow you to boost up your energy while studying. Starbucks is surrounded with seats and tables that are utilized as a place to study. Since this isn’t really a library, it is more on the loud end, filled with a background noise of chatter and music, which does add a more jazzy collaborative space.

The Brambleton Library theme is similar to the Sterling Library, I would even compare it with the Academies of Loudoun. A very open space, two floored library with tons of features. One of the largest in our area, accompanied with spacious private rooms encouraging collaboration, a circular teen room, and even a stair like platform to sit and read or study on. This library I would recommend the most due to its abundant features and its spacious modernity.