Potomac Falls Dominates Dominion

On Wednesday Dec 14 the girls and boys Varsity Basketball teams ruthlessly played against our hometown rivals, Dominion High School. Both of the teams’ efforts kept our streak of staying the Kings and Queens of Sterling. 

Just 2.7 miles away from each other, Dominion High School and Potomac Falls have been hometown rivals since Dominion was founded in 2003. Some students who were going to Potomac Falls were then transferred to Dominion because of the overpopulation of the school, which then started a competition between the two schools. 

The game on Dec 14 was intense for both the Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity teams. The Girls Varsity game was “back and forth down the stretch” with “a couple of defensive stops and some clutched free-throws,” according to the PFHS Girls Basketball Twitter page. The game for the Girls Varsity team ended in a 40-36 win as they stepped it up in the last quarter with steals, foul shots, and of course, baskets. 

Later that night at 7:30pm, the Boys Varsity team took the court and dominated Dominion, too. The Boys Varsity game was also back and forth with Dominion in the lead at times, and Potomac Falls getting back at them. The ending score was 67-59 with points led by junior Joshua Prince. 

“I was pumped for the game, you know the whole Sterling rivalry thing,” said Prince. Prince says that the Battle of Sterling basketball game feels different because the Potomac Falls team and Dominion team are familiar with one another. “Everyone knows each other rather well, growing up with each other and what not,” said Prince. 

Prince feels that the team didn’t play their greatest game ever, but their energy was the thing that made them win. “We played a decent game as far as the mental aspect goes and performed. Our energy and effort was all there so I’d say it was a great outing for the team,” said Prince. Prince says that the reason why the game continuously does so well is because they continue to improve upon their performances to play a better game. “There’s nothing in front of us that I don’t think we can step on and beat,” said Prince. 

The Boys Varsity Basketball team’s head coach, Jeffrey Hawes, also had his 450th win in his coaching career on Dec 14. Hawes is the only coach Potomac Falls has ever had in its 25 years of being open. 

It’s clear that Potomac Falls reigns the Kings and Queens of Sterling, as we have won the football game against Dominion this year, and now two of the four varsity games against Dominion this season. At Potomac Falls tonight at 6pm will be another Varsity Girls game against Dominion, and following at 7:30pm is the Varsity Boys game. Will we remain the Kings and Queens of Sterling?