2022’s Most Memorable Moments


Photo by: rawpixel.com

Bratislava; New Year 2005; FireWorks. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

2022 is coming to an end, so what better way to welcome the new year, and say goodbye to the old one, than recapping some of the best moments of the year?

It was a strange year for everyone. Filled with good times and bad ones, but we finally made it to the end. Now let’s look back at some of the biggest moments from each of the last 12 months.

January: The beginning of 2022 started off strong with a great new year and with the CDC establishing a COVID vaccine. Along with the start of 2022 came the introduction to our favorite word related game: Wordle. 

February: Held in Beijing, China, the winter Olympics took place. Norway won with 16 gold medals and with Germany in second with 12 gold medals. Along with the Olympics, the groundhog predicted that we’d have six more weeks of winter. 

March: During the Oscars, an unforgettable moment occurred. Chris Rock got slapped in the face by Will Smith, after he made a joke targeting Smith’s wife and her disease. The next three weeks Twitter was flooded with memes and commentary on what became known as The Slap.

April: Euphoria season 1 ended Aug. 4, 2019. and fans had been patiently waiting for season 2 and on Apr. 22, HBO released the long awaited sequel to Rue’s story. Also on that day, another anticipated TV show by the name “Heartstopper” was released on Netflix. 

May: A major court case developed when movie star Amber Heard sued her husband Johnny Depp, accusing him of allegedly abusing her to which Depp countersued her saying that she abused him. For over a month, the world tuned into the trial — held in Fairfax County, VA — and watched the former couple air all of their dirty laundry. Depp won the case.

June: Due to the pandemic everyone’s favorite show, “Stranger Things,”  had their fourth season delayed, until finally at the beginning of this summer, it was released on Netflix. The second set of episodes was released on July 1.

July: Our favorite movie series continues with another major Minions movie: the Rise of Gru. Released on Jul. 1, 2022 with the second set of episodes of Stranger things season 4, the minions never fail to make us laugh. 

August: Summer ended and students everywhere returned to school. On Aug. 12 Megan Thee Stallions new album “Traumatize” was released. 

September: Many citizens of England and people around the world had to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth who passed away on Sep. 8. 

October: Taylor Swift returns with a new album “Midnight” which seems to strike some controversy. Some say it’s her best album yet, others insist that they were quite disappointed by it. As for holidays, Halloween 2022 didn’t have a full moon this year. 

November: A busy month with midterm elections occurring to kick off the month. The space mission, Artemis 1, launched Nov. 16 and was the debut flight of NASA’s Space Launch System. And to close off November, the World Cup started on Nov. 20 and lasted until Dec. 18. 

December: The space mission ended on Dec. 11, and the World Cup ended on Dec. 18 with Argentina as the champions.