Health Tips for Sick Season


To start 2023, here are some Health reminders for physical and mental health

In early December, many schools in Virginia closed temporarily due to a flu outbreak. With several holidays and get-togethers happening over break, another outbreak is possible. Here are some helpful tips to avoid getting sick this flu season. 

Thankfully, COVID has become less of a concern in the past year. But the hygienic concerns COVID brought should stick around especially during winter months. Washing hands, disinfecting surfaces, wearing a mask, covering sneezes, avoiding shared food, and steering clear of the sick are all extremely important. When feeling sick, staying home is the best way to ensure a needed break and that no one else gets sick. 

When exposed to a virus, green vegetables, vitamin D, exercise, and sleep are essential. Green vegetables contain vitamins perfect for maintaining a balanced diet and immune system. A lack of vitamin D can lead to cardiovascular issues and a weak immune system. Exercising releases white blood cells which fight disease and serotonin. When sleeping, bodies produce cytokines: proteins that fight infection and regulate the immune system. 

Although people can’t “catch” burnout, after winter break many feel unable to return to a normal school schedule. Burnout is a state of physical/mental exhaustion from overworking oneself. Some symptoms include reduced creativity, poor performance, dreading work, neglecting personal needs, or even depression in some cases. 

To avoid the pattern of burnout many fall into, taking mental health days can help. Mental health days are essential for maintaining a healthy work life balance. As spring approaches and the holiday season ends, there are less and less days off. In January, LCPS has three days off: Jan 16, 23, and 24. In February, the only holiday is President’s day on Feb. 20. 

Strategically picking days to relax in advance is helpful to avoid burnout. Exercising and sticking with a regular schedule is also helpful. When facing burnout, selfcare and personal needs should be a priority. Getting enough sleep, getting organized, and eating healthy can prevent the feeling of being at a standstill. Burnout can make people feel alone, it’s important to reach out to friends and make plans.