High Schoolers’ Guide To Finding Internships


The word is out – finding internships and fellowships is all the craze. With the majority of internships being offered to college students, an early start to snag any internships offered to high school students is always well appreciated by college admission officers and worth the experience for your future self.


There are many websites offering free guidance and available opportunities to high school students, but LinkedIn is one of the top apps for finding internships. After creating an account, one is able to write a bio detailing their experiences and what they are looking for (ex: internships). Ranging from experiences to awards, one can connect with people who share related interests with them, and build the foundation for searching for internships. 


Avalon is the founder of InternshipGirl – a TikTok page created on the basis of internship, early career and real talk advice. Avalon has experiences finding internships, as she not only was an intern for Bank of America, but was also a part of the Senate Page program as a high schooler. Avalon has already provided links for cover letter tips and where to apply for certain internships. Using her expertise, Avalon hopes to provide some of the same prowess to her 91,000 followers on TikTok.


Adrien is another influencer on TikTok that gives internship and career advice to high schoolers. Despite him leaning towards the STEM community, he also offers tips and new opportunities relating to other fields as well. One can either be a part of his 64,000 followers based on TikTok or join his Discord channel.


Another TikTok influencer, Riley is one to watch out for if interested in applying to any southern college, as he attends Vanderbilt. Not only does he attempt to motivate the people who follow him to achieve in school, but his expertise is in college application advice, scholarships and internships that high school students can look out for. 

Gen Z Job Boards

Similar to LinkedIn, there are tons of other apps that high school students can join in order to find an internship. Some are, but are not limited to:  Handshake, WayUp. Both provide internship opportunities and advice, although most are directed towards college students. Nevertheless, there are still opportunities for high school students on both apps.


Jade is another TikTok influencer who provides internship advice and opportunities to high school students. Not only does she have links already for spring and summer internships this year, but she also has a link to Google spreadsheets with lists of internships, fellowships and even scholarships one can apply for. Her entire account is meant to help Gen Z find internships they deserve.