Acceptances and Rejections: Class of 2023 Decisions


Class of 2023 college decisions and rejections are becoming prominent topics in student conversations. So the question is, who is going where?

The time has come and seniors are receiving their college decisions and the results are becoming a high point of curiosity among the class of 2023. Where did their classmate apply and where will they be for the next four years? Some have taken it upon themselves to find out this information and share it with the rest of the school in the form of the 2023 decisions instagram page.

Early decisions came out in December of 2022, and the early action decisions are releasing soon. With all of the college hype, and the stress of applications gone, seniors are excited to start their next step in life. The final date for enrollment is May first, but some students are enrolling in their top choices now.

The page features students and where they have decided to attend for college in fall of 2023. Alongside this, their major is also added. Seniors can now see who they might be going to school with and what their classmates’ future plans are. As of right now, the page consists of four seniors, with each enrolled in a different school. These currently feature Virginia Tech, Boston University, Chatham University, and Northern Virginia Community College.

Along with this, a 2023 rejections page has also been made. Seniors can submit a picture with the school they were rejected or differed from. To some, this might seem to lead to a bigger problem, since rejections can be disheartening for most, but this account promotes that “we are all in this together”. They also ask for the students to be respectful and kind to those that submit. 

Currently, the decisions page is looking for more submissions to post. On the instagram page a link to the form is in their bio and allows for one submission per email, so make sure you are planning on enrolling in that college.