Opinion: Ginny and Georgia Szn 2 Review


After the first season of Ginny and Georgia, it could be strongly debated whether it was deserving of a second season. It felt like the first season was an introduction being carried out for too long; there was no moral, and some viewers felt they gained nothing from watching it. Not only was the first season mediocre, there was no creativity or originality.

If you hadn’t caught on, Ginny and Georgia is essentially a modernized version of the 2000s show, Gilmore Girls. The mother from Ginny and Georgia, Georgia Miller, had a teen pregnancy that forced her to start over from nothing, just like how Loralie Gilmore from Gilmore Girls had her daughter at 16 and was socially rejected by her parents. Ginny’s dad wasn’t usually around and his only significant personality trait was that he rode motorcycles, exactly like Loralie’s daughter’s father. Additionally, there’s a cafe owner Joe, who likes Georgia, but will never admit it which parallels Loralie and diner owner Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls. Anyone that has seen both these shows would consider these noticeable similarities and other small details in certain characters’ personalities that make the shows very alike. 

Season two of Ginny and Georgia may have saved the show from a lot of negative backlash after the first season. There was more of a definite theme such as the struggles of growing up and the difficulty of life as an adult. It focuses on Ginny and her thought process as a growing adult and how she feels a constant need to fit in. She battles with the feeling of abandonment and sadly self harm. These are things that many teenagers today can relate to and when a show comes off as relatable it immediately becomes more enjoyable for viewers. 

The second season goes into more detail of Georgia’s past which can give audiences a better understanding of some of the thinking that went into some of her decision making. But this also makes us want to feel some sympathy for Georgia, considering her a significant character, because of her journey of how she got to be a successful woman who came from nothing. 

One important detail that the show picks up on is how important and complicated mother daughter relationships can be. The show gives just enough detail of Georgia’s and Ginny’s relationships with other characters in the story to help support the idea that a mother and daughter relationship with one another can affect a whole family. Every relationship comes with its advantages and disadvantages but the relationship with family can highly affect the outcome of a child. 

Overall season two of Ginny and Georgia really helped shape the concept of the show and highlighted different ways of growing up and how that can affect people as adults.