FCCLA yard sale recap


Two members of FCCLA organized a free yard sale as their state project

On Mar 4 Family, Community and Career Leaders of America (FCCLA) organized a free yard sale here at Potomac Falls, as their state project, to get people to donate items for those in need. The yard sale turned out to be a major success with many donations along with some leftover clothes that the Parent Liaisons took for their drive that will be in May. 

FCCLA is a student organization that provides leadership skill, personal growth and career preparation opportunities for those going into family consumer and science careers. 

FCCLA is a national club, so each year there is a state competition and other schools in the state also compete. FCCLA is like DECA but has a more community base. If we win, we’ll get to go to nationals,” said Danielle Weld who helped organize the drive along with her partner junior Abisha Arshi.

Nationals this year will be held in Denver, CO. “We started planning in January. Me being negative, I thought we weren’t going to go through with this, but we did, and it turned out to be amazing.” said Weld. 

The goal of the yard sale was simple: help out the community and those in need. “We wanted to help out people in our community and neighborhood. We put up advertisements at every elementary, middle and high school,” said Weld. “The day we started this project, I was nervous that we wouldn’t get as many donations or help.”

Donations came from the community and teachers. FCCLA held two different drop-off dates during which they collected items leading up to the event. The weather was not on their side throughout the project, but that didn’t stop them. “One thing I would’ve done differently would have been checking the weather beforehand. Our first donation day, it snowed and then our second donation day, it rained. Our final donation day, the yard sale, it was really windy. The weather was not on our side, and of course, the day after it was warm and sunny,” said Arshi.

The yard sale was held from 8 am until noon in the front parking lot of the school. It featured sections including antiques, baby toys, clothing, and more.  “One box was filled with teddy bear toys, and there was this little boy there. The smile on his face when he saw the box full of teddy bears really made me realize how the sale has an impact on people,” said Arshi. 

“I really enjoyed people’s smiles and the two or three days of volunteering, organizing and seeing donations come in. I was counting all the cars that were coming in,” said Weld.