On the Come Up: New Sports Medicine Class 2023


A new class is being offered in 2023 that educates students in the field of Sports Medicine, taught by Athletic Trainer Damian Pulos, or as students know him “Mr. P”. 

It’s that time of year where students at Potomac Falls have to decide what classes and electives they want to take next year. Although there are many courses that have been offered that are not new to the students at Potomac Falls, there are new classes that strike the attention of the students. One of them being the Sports Medicine class, which is expected to have a full class roster. It is not required that students participate in athletics at Potomac Falls, but it is being predicted that there will be many familiar faces of athletes inside the class. 

For example, junior Abigail Lindsey, a player on the varsity girls soccer team has signed up to take the Sports Medicine Class during her senior year. “I want to take sports medicine because I have always been so fascinated in the medical field. There are no medical classes at our school so this class will help me to further my education in medicine,” said Lindsey. 

Lindsey aspires to be a physician’s assistant and hopes that the new Sports Medicine Class can propel her forward and set her on the path to a successful career. Lindsey currently attends the Academies of Loudoun and takes many of her classes surrounding medicine there, specifically an EMT class. 

The class is set to be taught by Athletic Trainer Damian Pulos, who is slated to have one section of the course. After working closely with Pulos not only as an athlete on the soccer team but also as a basketball manager, junior Margaret Kennerly enrolled in the course for next fall. “[Mr. P] mentioned the fact that he’s teaching this sports medicine class, and he said that it would be a good idea for me to take the class because of me being injury prone,” said Kennerly. 

Despite being a manager, Kennerly never needed to perform any hands-on tasks with treating the athletes on the girls basketball team. “I’m really excited to learn about how our muscles and nerves react to certain injuries because I know other people’s [injuries] can hurt a lot worse and feel different,” said Kennerly. 

Should the course fill up, a wait list will be created, but there are currently no plans to add a second section of the course.