Who runs the world? A playlist for women’s history month


March is Women’s History Month which is a great time to celebrate women. What a better way to celebrate and uplift women by listening to a playlist by power.


“King” (2022) – Florence + the Machine 

Written by Florence Welch and Jack Antonoff, this ballad is about the expectation women have to “settle down” and the struggle of choosing between a career and starting a family. “King” was the first single from her fifth studio album, Dance Fever. “King” would go on and be nominated for Best Alternative Music Performance at the 65th Grammy Awards. 


“Vogue” (1990) – Madonna

“Vogue” is definitely one of Madonna’s most iconic songs. Inspired by the Ballroom Scene, this song has been a dancing hit since its release since it is about having fun on the dance floor. The most iconic verse of the song is where Madonna name drops a bunch of people from the Golden Era of Hollywood.


“Diva” (2008) – Beyoncé

From Beyoncé ‘s iconic third studio album, “Diva” was released as the third single. The song carries lyrics of female empowerment and independence, “Where my ladies up in here that like to talk back?” This song is great to feel empowered and cool. 


“Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” (2023) – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

It is impossible to not have heard this song. By new and upcoming artists, PinkPantheress and Ice Spice, “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” has been playing all throughout social media. This song is a sequel to a song PinkPantheress released in 2022 named “Boys a liar”. Peaking at #3 on the Billboard Top 100 list, this song is sure to go down as a classic. 


“Maneater” (2006) – Nelly Furtado

This song makes you feel untouchable and unstoppable. “Maneater” was inspired by the ‘80s song “Maneater” by Hall & Oates. This song was written about a girl who knows how to lure in men and how to manipulate them. This is perfect to play while driving with the windows down and singing with your friends. 


“No Scrubs” (1999) – TLC

On the brink of the ‘90s, American girl group TLC released this banger song. Being fed up with scrubs, or lazy men, “No Scrubs” has everyone declaring that they are done with scrubs. TLC secured Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal at the 42nd Grammy Awards. It was also on Billboard’s Top 100 list at #1 for 28 weeks. 


“Cell Block Tango” (2002) – Chicago Movie Soundtrack

Originally from the Broadway musical Chicago, the song was redone for the 2002 movie adaptation. The song is about the “the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail” and their stories of them killing their husbands or boyfriends. “Cell Block Tango” is a great portrayal of female rage and female insanity. It gets you singing as if you are one of the women in jail.