Red Moon In Venus: A breakdown of Kali Uchis’ New Album 


A ranking of the best tracks on Red Moon In Venus

On Mar. 3, 2023, R&B singer Kali Uchis released her new album Red Moon In Venus. Red Moon In Venus is the first album released by the singer since her album Sin Miedo in 2020. It is a R&B/Soul album that talks about valuing yourself and how you should protect yourself and protect your peace. The album’s major values are about many spiritual factors like Kharma; it’s about love in every possible way. These values are expressed through bedroom pop, smooth jazz, and club-like beats. Whether it’s romantic love for someone else or self love, Red Moon In Venus is an album for you. 


“Moonlight”, which is track #14 of the album, represents the way Uchis feels when she’s with her boyfriend, R&B singer Don Toliver. The smooth, jazzy, and captivating song definitely explains the feelings, or high, of being with a significant other. The way Kali Uchis writes a song with a chorus including english and spanish is very impressive, or incorporating “spanglish”, into her songs is very impressive, as Moonlight is one of the most popular songs of the album. 

Fantasy (feat. Don Toliver) 

Track #6 on the album, Kali Uchis collaborates with her boyfriend Don Toliver to create an R&B, club-like song that will have you playing it on repeat. The song will make you want to dance and highlights the desires of wanting to express your love for your partner. This rhythm and of the song make it one of the most recognizable and memorable. 

Moral Conscience 

Track #10 on the album, “Moral Conscience” represents the stage in your life where you can move on from an ex partner, and you accept that you’re not the problem. “Moral Conscience” speaks of karma always coming back to make you pay for your mistakes and what happened in the past will catch up to you. However, the song is also about making peace with yourself and your trauma which is what makes this song so powerful. 

Hasta Cuando

“Hasta Cuando” is track #8. This song is a little different from the songs in the top five. While the other songs have been about forgiving and moving forward, this song has a little bit more sass with moving on from your ex. The song talks about being too smart for any secrets or tricks that attempt to bring you down but you can thrive regardless of what the people of your past think about you. 

I Wish You Roses 

One of the most popular songs of the album, “I Wish You Roses” track #2, will always remain one of her most popular songs of all time. The song represents moving forward and forgiving the people who have wronged you which will ultimately bring you peace. “I Wish You Roses” supports the people who are trying to refresh and start a new stage in their life which is perfect for the springtime. 

The rest of the rankings are not broken down: 

  1. Como te quiero yo
  2. Deserve me
  3. Love between…
  4. Endlessly 
  5. All Mine 
  6. Worth the wait 
  7. Blue
  8. Not too late 
  9. Happy now
  10. In my garden