Soultronic Summer


The recent release of the funk-infused tropical house mixtape “Kaytramine” produced by DJ Kaytranada and rapper Amine features collabs with Snoop Dogg and Big Sean on soultronic-inspired melodies. This album, however, is one out of many “soultronic” tunes that define this year’s summer. 

Soultronic, a portmanteau of the words “soul” and “electronic”, is a genre that consists of funk, soul, afrobeat, and electronic blends. It has gained popularity from Kaytranada, but evolved from 1970s disco and “Neosoul” singers, including Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo.


Kaytranada & Amine

  • Canadian producer Louis Celestin, better known as Kaytranada, is known in DJ circles for producing hit remixes such as You’re the One and Be Your Girl. His past three albums are considered to be high-energy sets, and according to The Guardian, his productions are perfect for rappers to riff on. That’s Amine: an Oregonian of Eritrean descent best known for his internet hit Caroline. The mixtape may feel out of place when comparing it to Kaytranada’s previous albums, but it still holds onto the same rhythmic pulses, filled with high-profile collaborations, including the Afrobeat-fused song 4EVA with Pharrell. Kaytramine is considered to be summer’s breakout collaboration. 

Bad Influence


  • Born and raised in South East London, artist Ojerime is well-known in England’s music scene. In her 2022 album Bad Influence, Ojerime’s songs exhibit 90s nostalgia with a hint of experimental twists. Her songs, like the romantic duet Local or yearning for her love after a breakup in Often Enough, draw from her personal experiences to resonate with listeners. Ojerime’s hometown, according to her, is bursting with many different cultures, which draws her to write songs that are raw and timeless.

Simmer Down

N’shai Iman

  • Simmer Down is not an album, but this song checks off the boxes for it to be considered “soultronic.” Iman’s light voice, rhyming “conceal” with “real” while speaking about a love interest, is reminiscent of early soultronic songs. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Iman began taking writing songs seriously in 2018. After graduating from Bowling Green State University, she is ready to pursue a career in music, taking her inspirations from Syd and Summer Walker with her.



  • Although this group is no longer together, their 2021 album Homegrown takes inspiration from Azealia Banks, Kaytranada, and Janet Jackson. Sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, born in Nigeria and raised in California, experiment with Contemporary R&B, Funk, and Soul in their last album. Songs Dysfunctional and Caught Up provide airy beats, laden with cadenced duets between the sisters, while the song Slow Down takes a slower approach: syrupy voices and heartbeat-like pulses.

Running in Waves

George Riley

  • West Londoner George Riley’s album Running in Waves details her life’s biggest challenges. Her soulful vocals backed up by melodic guitar riffs in Jealousy and Time reveals her desire to control her surroundings, but is unable to do so due to life’s obstacles. Riley struggled with isolation during the pandemic, along with balancing day jobs and college, but she considers Running in Waves to be therapeutic. She hopes to release new music in 2023.