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The Eras Tour: A Film


Starting October 13th, fans will be able to experience Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” in AMC theaters.

If you didn’t survive “the great war” to score award winning Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” tickets, you’re in luck. On Aug 31, Swift announced that Taylor Swift : The Eras Tour concert film will be making its way to big screens starting on Oct 13 (of course). Although the film won’t offer the same experience as seeing the concert live, Swift encouraged fans to dress up, make friendship bracelets, sing, and dance. Tickets are being sold at, the Cinemark site and Fandango, starting at $19.89 for adults and $13.13 for children (again, of course). This announcement immediately received a huge positive reaction from fans, since they were given the opportunity to finally see the concert, or even experience it again.

Most of the world knows Swift’s name, but no one predicted the impact her announcement of the film would make. On just the first day of its announcement, the film was breaking records left and right. In the first 24 hours of presales, the film grossed over $37 million. To put it into perspective, the first 24 hours of presales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, came in at $20 million. As of now, according to DEADLINE, the projection of the film is expected to top $100 million during its opening weekend. 

In the past, Swift has released her documentaries to streaming services rather than cinemagoers. Since this film is heading to theaters, Swift could change the whole movie theater industry. AMC theaters have already announced that they will be selling official The Eras Tour Film popcorn buckets and fountain drink cups while supplies last. 

Before the announcement, fans were putting together all of Swift’s easter eggs, and they knew that something was coming. Swift was posting clips to social media hinting at a possible music video or even a documentary/film. In addition, three nights of the tour in Los Angeles, CA were professionally recorded, so fans knew that she was planning some kind of film or video. 

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“I knew that it was going to happen, and I was so proud of her,” said sophomore Ariana Amir. “I was so impressed by the trailer, and I’m excited to see stuff that I wouldn’t know even if I went to the concert.”

While some fans immediately purchased tickets to the film, other fans are waiting until they see the concert in person to watch it. 

“I’m not planning on going to the film yet, but after I see the concert I will,” said Amir. 

With the international tour starting soon and going until Nov 2024, fans that have gotten tickets want to experience the concert in person before they see it on screen. 

“I don’t have tickets yet because I want to wait until I see the concert so I don’t spoil it, but I plan to see the film after that,” said sophomore Allison Wulff.

With the success of Swift’s tour, and the predicted success of her upcoming film, it’s safe to say that Swift is not only dominating the music industry, but maybe now even the film industry.