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The Roar

Fall. Changing leaves, decreasing temperatures, and pumpkins. What to do?


Even though the temperatures have yet to cool down, for many people, fall is in full swing. Along with fall comes pumpkin patch trips, pumpkin carving, and lots of apple cider donuts. Even though these are all classic fun fall festivities, what else is there to do?

  • Farmers Market

Something that is a constant during the fall months are farmers markets. Even though most people think of farmers markets as a summer activity, they provide fresh produce to specifically help you cook and bake delicious foods for autumn. You can pick up foods like Jerusalem artichokes, cranberries, figs, pomegranates, and, no surprise, apples and pumpkins. 

  • Homemade Treats And Drink

A huge part of the fall season is making the classic pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon flavored foods. Some of the classic comfort foods to cook are pumpkin soup, pot pies, sweet potato casserole, stuffed squash, and classic roasted pumpkin seeds. To go with these foods, you’re going to need a drink, and Starbucks’ fall menu boasts pumpkin spice and everything nice, whether it’s their pumpkin spice latte, their new pumpkin chai latte, or their fall treats. 

  • Rake Leaves

When you hear raking leaves, you probably think of it as a chore, but raking leaves can bring out your inner child and can actually be fun. You can jump in the pile afterwards and your lawn will be completely clean, but just be sure to shower afterwards!

  • Ghost Stories By Campfire

Campfires are a great excuse to gather with friends and eat lots of s’mores. In addition to that, during the fall and especially close to Halloween, sharing ghost stories by a campfire is a must. Whether you end up screaming or laughing, it’s sure to be a good time.  

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  • Fall 5k

Not only is running a 5k with a huge group of people super exciting, but running a 5k in the fall with perfect temperatures and beautiful scenery is even more exciting. While you can sign up and run regular fall races, signing up and running a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning is always an extremely popular event. Potomac River Running is a local running company that always hosts several races throughout the year, and this year, they’re having their annual Turkey Trot on Nov 23. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a group of people that you’re thankful for together and do something fun before you devour your body weight in food later in the day. 

  • Haunted House

Although haunted houses aren’t for everyone, if you can find a group of people to brave one with you, this is the perfect activity to do on a late fall night. Find a place near you and prepare yourself to have a terrifying, but memorable night with friends or family. 

  • Halloween Movie Marathon

If staying in is more of your thing, binging classic Halloween movies is just for you. Whether you’re feeling up to watch a cheery movie like Halloweentown or a horror movie like Trick r’ Treat, bundle up in comfy clothes, layer in blankets, and pop some popcorn to enjoy a relaxing (or terrifying) night in. 

  • Corn Maze

A perfect day time or night time activity to enjoy with friends or family is navigating your way through a corn maze. You could attempt doing a maze during the daylight, but if you’re feeling up for something harder, trying one at night is an even bigger challenge. If you decide to go to a maze during the day, you could make a day trip out of it and go to a pumpkin patch, take a hayride, enjoy apple cider, and eat donuts. A local location that you can visit is Cox Farms, located in Centreville, Va. At Cox Farms, during the day, you can complete the classic corn maze, but at night, the farm turns into “Fields of Fear”, a much spookier and scarier version of the maze. 

  • Camping

For all of the granola girls and guys out there, it’s camping season. Take advantage of the cool weather and take a trip to a local camping site. There are many things you can do like hiking, stargazing, animal watching, and of course, lots of grilling. Camping is the perfect time to disconnect from the world, and connect with nature. 

  • Apple And Pumpkin Picking

One last thing to do in fall is to break out your 2015 Instagram self and get pictures of friends and family picking pumpkins from fields, and apples from trees. While these are stereotypical things to do for fall, after picking pumpkins you can carve them and roast the seeds, and after picking apples you can enjoy them as they are, or even make delicious baked goods like apple pie.