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Fall Coffeehouse Rundown


The PFHS Cafeteria held music within their walls in the beginning of November. Will you attend in the spring?

On Nov. 3, Guitar Club hosted the 2023 Fall Coffeehouse in the cafeteria at Potomac Falls High School.

The set-up for this event required extensive work, with planning being done by officers for a couple bi-monthly meetings before it occurred. Guitar Club’s President senior Valeria Perero Santa Cruz says that she spent a lot of time in preparation organizing people into different teams for audio, performances, and putting up and taking down the set.

Officers hoped that this year they would have been able to hold it in the English courtyard like they did last year. “The lights were really pretty and it was just a lot of fun,” says Guitar Club’s PR Officer junior Sophie Detorie. However, the cold weather pushed them inside into the cafeteria, which is otherwise their usual location.

The performance list consisted of several people. Perero Santa Cruz played a song in Spanish called “Nunca Es Suficiente” and “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish. Guitar Club’s Vice President senior Ed Chong played “Stick Season” by Noah Kahan by himself, as well as “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie and “Where’d All the Time Go?” by Dr. Dog with seniors Trevor Vogt and Adriano Ruiz.

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In the past, the audience turnout in the fall has been greater than during the spring, but performers also tend to be less apprehensive about sharing their music later in the year. “It’s usually during the fall coffeehouse that people stop being so timid and less shy and start wanting to go to more events,” said Perero Santa Cruz.

The environment is typically pretty relaxed and a low-stress time for students to become performers. “It’s a really good opportunity for musicians, for anyone wanting to perform, it’s just a really nice environment and a really nice opportunity for them to do that,” said Detorie.

For students, the event is just a fun setting to spend time together. “It’s fun to go with friends and chill-out and it’s not a very formal event so you can just talk and hangout and have fun,” said Guitar Club member senior Sonia Alam.

The officers of Guitar Club hope that they will be able to work harder to get the word out to students for the springtime event. “I don’t think we have a set date yet but next time we are going to have more of an advertising campaign,” said Chong.

The event changes little things about their show every season, which always can be noticeable to consistent attendees. “We’ve had it outdoors, we’ve had it indoors, we’ve had games, we’ve had it without games,” said Detorie. Each performance is just a little different in their own ways.

“If you haven’t gone to the last one, please come to the next one,” said Chong.