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Fun Things To Do This Winter that Won’t Hurt Your Pocket


As the days get shorter and the school work gets harder, it’s difficult for high school students to put time and money into planning extravagant things to do with friends. It’s not impossible, however. Here are five things to do this winter with friends that won’t break your bank. 

1. Make gingerbread houses

Whether you’re building them for fun or having a decorating competition, making gingerbread houses with friends is a fun activity to do to get into the holiday spirit. Gingerbread house kits can be found at Walmart between $5-15 and at Target between $10-20. Try buying multiple kits with your friends and adding some extra candy to give plenty of options for decorating.

2. Go on an Autumn walk

There are plenty of parks and trails in Loudoun County that you can walk at for free. These trails offer beautiful Autumn scenery with easy walks. Algonkian and Claude Moore Parks are filled with walking trails in the trees. Riverfront Park and Riverpoint Drive Trailhead are both found off of Route Seven. They are located on the Potomac River and they both have trails that you can spend hours exploring. Just make sure you dress warmly. 

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3. 2023 Bull Run Festival of Lights

This 2.5 mile drive through display of festival lights is a super easy way to get into the holiday spirit. This event is sponsored by Nova Parks and costs only $30 per car. The trail is the busiest on the weekends, so going on a weeknight is a good way to avoid the crowds and go through smoothly. Pack your car with blankets, snacks, and hot chocolate and enjoy the ride. 

4. Ice skate at Reston Town Center

Reston Town Center is a popular holiday destination in Northern Virginia. The streets are decorated leading to a big Christmas tree in the center of the city next to the ice rink. Ice skating at Reston Town Center is available all winter long. Tickets are only $9 per person plus the skate rental fee. When you’re done skating, there are plenty of restaurants around to grab lunch or dinner. 

5. Host a “Bring a Board Night” with friends

“Bring a Board Nights” have been becoming popular on TikTok this year, and for good reason. This is a super inexpensive way to host a night with friends. Everyone contributes a themed charcuterie board to enjoy. The boards can be themed around a specific food or food group, or they can be based off of something more specific, like a phrase or experience. They can basically be based on anything, there’s no rules. Get a group of friends together and have everyone contribute their own board for the party, and put on some holiday music or movies in the background  to enjoy your party.