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Top 10 TV Show Christmas Specials

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This is your ultimate guide to bringing the top 10 Christmas specials in popular tv shows for the holiday season. This list ranges from humorous to heartfelt episodes for Christmas cheer. 


“Victorious” – Season 2 episode 13 “A Christmas Tori”

This was the first and last Christmas episode in the show out of four seasons. This might be an important show in many students’ childhoods. This episode produced one of the most popular catchy songs from the show called “It’s Not Christmas Without You!” with a memorable Christmas concert in front of their school.


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“Friends” – Season 7 episode 10 “The Holiday Armadillo”

It’s the one that celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas. Ross (David Schwimmer)  tries to do something special for his son by teaching him about Hanukkah, which does not go according to plan and makes a funny Christmas special.


“The Office” – Season 6 episode 13 “Secret Santa”

This episode consists of a holiday party being held, which seems to be going as usual. That is, until, it is revealed someone made an agreement to buy the company. Now, a Christmas miracle may be the only thing that the office could hope for.


“Gilmore Girls” – Season 2 episode 10 “The Bracebridge Dinner”

“Gilmore Girls” is the ultimate show for feeling cozy during the fall and winter seasons and has many holiday episodes. Stars Hollow makes the town a winter wonderland for the first fall of snow with lights and horse carriage, which makes Lorelei (Lauren Graham) and her friends rejoice in the winter snow.


“Modern Family” – Season 1 episode 10 “Undeck The Halls”

This is not a traditional Christmas when a family scandal happens. Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burrell) threaten to steal Christmas as punishment, while Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mithell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) take Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) for her first picture with santa. This is the first Christmas special in modern family and is definitely an eventful one.


“Glee” – Season 4 episode 10 – “Glee, Actually”

In this spin off of “Love Actually”, a disaster strikes right upon Christmas. Artie (Kevin Mchale) falls, hits his head, and enters a dream sequence. Through this dream, Artie begins to realize that he should take more appreciation in his role in the club. This episode is full of crazy events that bring a lot of laughter. 


“Full House” – Season 6 episode 12 – “A very Tanner Christmas”

It’s not Christmas without the Tanners! In this episode, D.J (Candace Carmeron Bure) finds out Steve (Scott Weinger) is planning to move to Florida for college. Danny (Bob Saget) also grieves spending time with Vicky (Gail Edwards) during the holiday season, which then makes for a special surprise. Meanwhile, Becky (Lori Loughlin) mourns having white Christmases in Nebraska. While the three experience different emotions, in the end, they do experience a truly magical Christmas. 


“The Office” – Season 2 episode 10 – “Christmas Party”

This episode puts a funny twist on the sacred tradition of secret santa, when Micheal Scott (Steve Carrell) wants to swap secret santa gifts after not being happy with his own, this causes a  lot of controversy making it not a cheerful time but keeping the dry humor, in normal The Office fashion.


“New Girl” – Season 1 Episode 9 – “The 23rd”

Jesse (Zooey Daschanel) comes to realize her significant other, Paul (Jusin Long), might be taking their relationship more seriously than she is, when his gift for her is over the top. She frets over this while attending Schmits office party. This episode brings a lot of laughter, as “New Girl” is a humorous show that you can always enjoy with family and friends.


“Boy Meets World”- Season 5 episode 11 – “A very Topanga Christmas”

Topanga (Danielle Fishel) expresses how she wants to spend Christmas with Cory (Ben Savage) and his family. Cory immediately starts to worry because of the difference in their traditions on Christmas. He starts to question his and Topanga’s future. In the end, Cory learns the important meaning of Christmas — spending time with loved ones.