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5 Holidays Other Than Christmas in December


Once it turns to December and Mariah Carey says “It’s time” you start getting into the holiday spirit for Christmas. However, there are many more holidays in December to celebrate, too. 

1. Kwanzaa

 Kwanzaa is to celebrate African heritage which takes place from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1. There is usually a feast called Karamu which is on the sixth day of Kwanzaa. The holiday was first celebrated in 1966 and in the United States there are almost 12 million people who celebrate the holiday.

2. Yule

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This holiday is celebrated mostly by Germanic people and dates back 1500 years ago. The celebration comes with reenactments about a battle between two kings, one of darkness and the other of light. But there is also a log burning which is said to be a beacon for Baby Jesus. Yule is celebrated from Dec 22- Jan 1.

3. Boxing Day

Boxing Day originated in the United Kingdom and while there is no definitive origin for the holiday, there is a leading theory that most people seem to believe was the origin. In the UK it was custom for tradesmen which are people who have jobs like being an electrician, plumber, or a carpenter. They would receive Christmas boxes that were just money or gifts for their hard work. Today, Boxing Day is more like Black Friday where there are massive sales. The holiday takes place the day after Christmas.

4. Hanukkah 

Hanukkah was celebrated this year on Dec 7 and ended on the 15. The date of the holiday changes yearly because of a month called Kislev which takes place November through December. On the 25th day of Kislev is when Hanukkah starts. This holiday celebrates the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem after it was retaken. People who celebrate usually tend to sing songs and spin the dreidel. Each of the eight nights a candle is lit to symbolize the days the Temple lantern blazed.

5. Conception Day

Finally we come to Immaculate Conception Day which is a celebration of the Virgin Mary. This holiday takes place on Dec. 8 and is considered to be the most important Marian feast of the Roman Catholic Church. They celebrate with Mass, parades, fireworks, processions and food all to celebrate and honor the Virgin Mary. The holiday dates all the way back to Syria in the fifth century.