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Four Underrated Christmas Movies


Everyone knows and has watched Christmas classics like “Home Alone”, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, and “Polar Express”, but what about the underrated Christmas movies that often get left behind? Here’s four Christmas movies, both old and new; funny and sentimental; that should be on your watch list for the countdown until Christmas day. 

  • “Christmas with the Kranks”

(Free on Amazon Prime Video)

This comedic Christmas movie covers middle aged couple Luther and Nora Krank who are recent empty-nesters because their daughter is moving abroad for the Peace Corps. Since their daughter won’t be home for Christmas, they plan a cruise to the Caribbean and are instantly guilt-tripped by their neighbors, friends, and family for wanting to “change Christmas.” The couple think about the true meaning of Christmas and how they can get their Christmas spirit back. This movie will be sure to make you laugh, and is perfect to watch with family. 

  • “It’s a Wonderful Life”

(Free on Amazon Prime Video, Rentable on Hulu)

Released in 1946, this movie has been around for almost 100 years being a Christmas classic. The story features George Bailey, a banker, whose life is not what he envisioned it to be like. He gets to the point where he believes he shouldn’t have been born at all, and tries to end his life jumping off a bridge in his town. However, a Guardian Angel helps George look at the course of his life and what his surroundings would be like if he weren’t born like he wishes. Overtime, George learns that even though his life isn’t what he wanted it to be like necessarily, he’s blessed with many things like family and true love. This Christmas classic is a tearjerker and is a sweet reminder to appreciate all of the things you have during the holiday season. 

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  • “Four Christmases”

(Free on Hulu, Max, and Rentable on Amazon Prime Video)

This Christmas movie may be relatable to those with divorced parents, or have separate families far away from each other to visit during the holiday season. Couple Brad and Kate both have divorced parents, making the two have to visit four different sets of families on Christmas day after their plans to go away to a tropical island for vacation fails. Kate and Brad are put through tumultuous circumstances with their crazy and unique families, and their relationship is tested through and through. If you need a good laugh or relate to experiencing family drama during the holiday season, make sure to give this one a watch.

  • “A Christmas Carol”

(Free on Disney+, Rentable on Hulu, and Rentable on Amazon Prime Video)

If you’re not a Scrooge, give the classic Christmas movie “A Christmas Carol” a watch. Based on Charles Dickens’s 1843 novel of the same name and is known to be a “Christmas ghost story” set in London, England that covers the story of Ebenezer Scrooge; a grumpy old man who lives in who hates the story and premise of Christmas. The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future visit him and shape him into a kinder person who is more accepting of people unlike him. This movie is a heart-warmer and will be sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.