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Seven Small(er) Artists To Listen To Before They Blow Up


Music icons like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Kanye West always seem to be in the news. Let’s share the love with some small-er artists that have similar vibes to well-known musicians and are sure to be stars on your next playlist. 

Emily Jeffri

Emily Jeffri’s songs sound like they came right out of an 80’s horror movie and in autumn of 2023, they did. Jeffri started a trend on TikTok that had other users make short horror films with her music in them. Her music has a unique sound to it, and everything out so far has been recorded on an old iPhone according to Jeffri. The 18-year-old British singer is just getting her start, but she’s racked up millions of views across platforms with trending audios. Those who enjoy synth, high production value, and killer vocals will likely love her music. 

Ha Vay

This San Francisco native creates ethereal, witchy music with inspiration from fairytales and womanhood. Her voice can be compared to that of a siren, especially in songs such as “Venus in the Sea,” where harmonies are layered over each other to create a magical effect. She puts the poetry back into music through her lyrics. Ha Vay, besides having a name similar to Lana Del Rey, also shares a certain wild quality with the more-known singer, and fans of Del Rey should check her out. 

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Though lead singer Elijah Hewson is the son of U2’s Bono (with the voice to prove it), Inhaler beats the “nepo baby” accusations with an insane talent for lyricism and playing their instruments. The indie-rock sound is the kind to hide sadder meaning in what initially sounds upbeat. Their two albums out so far, “It Won’t Always Be Like This” and “Cuts & Bruises,” are full of hits, and the band has also made beautiful covers of songs such as “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star. 

Kid Sistr

Kid Sistr, self described as a “band of girlies,” was named after what the three members, Sara, Sabel, and Becca, had in common: younger sisters. As 1999 rom-com “10 Things I Hate About You” would put it, they make angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion. A look into their Instagram feed provides funny reels, concert videos, many covers, and endless fashion inspiration from the queer, feminist girlband of your dreams. 


Likely, you’ve heard “Margaret” by Lana Del Rey, featuring her long-time collaborator Jack Antonoff. He started making music under the band name “Bleachers” in 2014. However, “Margaret” is only the tip of the iceberg, because there are ten years of amazing songs to be discovered. Antonoff, from New Jersey, showcases his Grammy-winning production and songwriting in personal, existential music perfect for a late night drive. Bleachers’ fourth, self-titled album “Bleachers” comes out on March 8. They perform at The Anthem in Washington D.C. on Jun. 14, 2024. 

Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters, a British singer-songwriter, has been making music for most of her life, and releasing it since she was 17, in 2017. Her career remains on an upward trajectory, as in her six years in the music industry, she’s achieved feats such as playing at Wembley Stadium, signing with Ed Sheeran’s label, and putting out critically acclaimed EPs and albums. Peters has a song for every mood: from being happily in love or needing to forget an ex, to celebrating adulthood or mourning your youth, you’ll find something.

Syd Matters

Syd Matters is a French indie-alternative band. The band has many popular songs, including “Obstacles” and “To All Of You”. These songs appeared in the video game “Life Is Strange.” Syd Matters has appeared in more popular celebrities’ albums, such as Beyoncé. They took part in the song “Plastic Off the Sofa,” the eighth track on Beyoncé’s album Renaissance.