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The student news site of Potomac Falls High School

The Roar

The student news site of Potomac Falls High School

The Roar

Gotta Go?

Here’s the definitive ranking of every bathroom in the school.

1. All Gender Bathrooms

There are four all gender bathrooms in the school, and they are the best places to go, if you can ever find one that is unlocked. These bathrooms are lockable and single use, so no one will walk in while you are doing your business. You never have to worry about inhaling any fumes either as you are the only one in the room.

2. Tech Ed

The tech ed bathroom is a classic — being located in the back corner of the downstairs near a couple of math classrooms. It is close to the top of our list because of how empty it is, and the quieter vibe it has, while also being spacious and allowing one to not only do a number one but to also engage in a number two. 

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3. Social Science

The social science bathroom is next on the list because of how it just feels like a normal public restroom. There are occasional vapers here, and it can get crowded, especially during block changes. In general, you are free to engage in your business. Also, a good addition to propel this bathroom even higher is how the hall monitors will not bother you when entering or leaving the bathroom.

4. World Language

This bathroom is actually in a good location, but unfortunately for the boys, it is constantly locked. Staff tend to survey this area a lot, so the bathroom has a small but steady flow of people. Another downside is the fact that there is no Wi-Fi in here for checking grades and emails during a bathroom break.

5. English/ Science

The English/science bathroom is the smallest bathroom in the school, so it ends up being the most crowded. Walking in there is like choosing to be engrossed in vape fumes. The paper towels are located in the back of the bathroom, so you have to walk through the crowd of smoke in order to dry your hands. On top of that, it is very close to other classrooms meaning there is never an empty moment to just let it all out with people constantly entering in and out.

6. Main Hall

If you want second hand smoke, this is the bathroom for you. Unsafe is how one feels using the main hall bathroom. Being the most accessible bathroom, it is almost always packed full. Pushing through the crowds, it’s like stepping into a fight ring. Walking into this bathroom, you feel judged, as it is known for its smokers, so it’s heavily guarded by an assortment of teachers.

7. Stadium 

Poor stadium bathrooms. Forgotten, hot, and downright dirty. You never know what you will find here. Whether it’s someone’s trash on the ground or someone’s waste, it never goes well. Somehow, even in the winter, it’s 100 degrees there leading to the most uncomfortable number two of your life.