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Faculty vs. Student Volleyball Game Fundraiser

Angelica Rivera, Staff Writer

On April 27, there will be a student v. faculty volleyball game during flex to fundraise money for the junior class. Admission to the event will be two dollars and will be sold during all lunch blocks on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The faculty team will consist of many beloved teachers like Mr. Ackerman and Ms. Short. Student side will consist of volleyball tournament winners seniors Tyler Cowden, Jordan Longchamp, Danny Cox, Holly Carlton, Spencer Buehler and sophomore Kevin Cox.

 The teachers who are participating in the fundraiser have also participated in the student v. faculty basketball game. The faculty doesn’t seem too worried about the volleyball game because of this and they are keeping their practices limited.

  “We are old and there is too much of a risk for injuring,” said Ackerman.

 The students, however, are putting in a lot of effort. Most of the teams are formed with juniors not on the varsity or JV volleyball teams, but that doesn’t mean they are people to take lightly.

 “We are going to beat them,” said Cowden.

 The volleyball team members are helping the juniors practice for the game and the faculty are on their own but some faculty members, like Ms. Short, have played volleyball in high school. However, that doesn’t mean it will show on the court.

 “I’m a little hesitant because I’m not super strong with volleyball, so I’m little more confident at the basketball game then I am the volleyball game,” said Short.

 The student have a couple advantages to the faculty as they are getting trained by the varsity volleyball team who has had a great past season with 21 total win but they also have youth on their side. With all of that, the students are feeling pretty confident for their win on the 27.

“We are young and athletic. A little quicker too,” said Cox.

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