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Top 5 movies of 2016

  1.  “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is about a big close knit Greek family. The family is so close that they all live next to each other. They also have three family businesses, two of them have to shut down due to the recession. The oldest daughter of the family, Toula Portokalos Miller, has to go work at the only remaining business, the family deli.  Her husband, Ian Miller is the principal at her daughter’s school. Her daughter, Paris, is about to graduate and just wants to escape her overbearing family. While all this is going on her parents, Gus and Maria, find out that they are not legally married. When Gus has to go to the hospital, Maria won’t go, so Gus proposes. The rest of the movie is about the big wedding and Gus trying to find Paris a Greek husband. My “Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is the best movie of 2016 because it’s about a hilarious family.


  1. “Almost Christmas”


Almost Christmas is about the Meyer family coming together for the first Christmas since their mother died the previous year. Walter Meyer wants all four of his kids to spend five days together. Rachel, Cheryl, Evan, and Christian are all grown now, and each of them are doing their own thing. Cheryl, the eldest child, is a doctor, and she comes home for the holidays. Second born, Christian is trying to become a congressman, and he can’t manage to stop campaigning for the holidays. He even brings his campaign manager home with him. Third born, Rachel is a struggling single mom who is trying to get through law school. Last born, Evan is a very successful football player who just got news from his coach that he is cleared to play for the rest of the season. Evan is finding is very difficult to give up his pain medicine. Walter is just hoping they can all make it to Christmas and his hilarious and very opinionated wife’s sister, Aunt May was determined to make it to Christmas. Almost Christmas is the second best movie off 2016 because it is about a dysfunctional family coming together after going through hard times.


  1. “Barbershop; The Next Cut”

This is the third movie in the “Barbershop” movie series. Calvin Palmer has owned the family barber shop since his father’s passing, and now he has decided to take the beauty salon and combine it with the barbershop. While the barbers in the shop are trying their best not to let the women completely take over the shop, Chicago is dealing with gang fighting, and the crime rate is rising. Calvin is worried about his son’s safety because he has to walk to school everyday. One day, the the whole shop decides enough is enough, so they all decide to have a 48 hour truce between both of the feuding gangs where they give out free haircuts and playing music as a way to try to pull the community together. That all stops when a teenager who always visited the barbershop gets murdered.Then Calvin finds out his son is about to get initiated into one of the gangs. Calvin gets there just in time to stop his son, and his son finally realizes that all his dad was trying to do was protect him so he wouldn’t get killed. This is the 3rd best movie of 2016 because it shows how gangs can tear up a neighborhood and how the people who live in that neighborhood pull it back together.


 4. “Central Intelligence”

“Central Intelligence” is about how people change after high school. Back in high school Robbie Weirdicht was always shy and overweight. At the senior pep rally, the star football player, Calvin, being honored and while giving his speech, some kids grab Robby out of the gym shower and  throw him on the floor in front of the whole school. Calvin was the only person who felt bad about this, so he gave Robbie his jacket, and he ran away. Later, everyone finds out that Robbie dropped out of high school and disappeared after being humiliated. Twenty years later, Calvin works as as an accountant, but he feels like he could be something better. Then on Facebook he gets a friend request from someone named Bob Stone who wants to meet him, so he goes. Then he finds out that Bob is actually Robbie and he has lost all the weight. They have a good night, but then the next morning, when Calvin wakes up, the CIA is in his house and tells him that Robbie is dangerous and is trying to sell satellite codes. Right after they leave, Robbie returns and forces calvin to help him because he is trying to stop a criminal named the Black Badger who is selling satelite codes.In the end, they both go on a dangerous journey, but they finally get the Black Badger and make it back just in time for their high scool reunion. Central Intelligence is the 4th best movie of 2016 because it shows how the most underestimated people change after high school in a positive way.


  1.  “Boo! A Madea Halloween”

This movie takes place on Halloween night while Madea and her friend Bam are passing out candy and Madea’s nephew, Brian calls and ask her for a favor. He’s having a hard time controlling his 17-year-old daughter. Once he finds out she’s planning on going to a frat party on Halloween, he calls on Madea and her friends to watch her since he has to go out of town. So Madea, her brother Joe, and their two friends Hattie and Bam come to the rescue. Brian’s daughter ends up sneaking out anyway which sends Madea and the gang on a haunted quest to find her. This is the 5th best movie of 2016 because it is hilarious, but at the same time talks about the importance of listening to your parents.


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