Top Five Television Shows Aired in 2016

Claire Gallihugh, Staff Writer


“Stranger Things”

A twelve-year-old boy, Will Byers, goes missing in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.  Two investigations are launched by both Byers mother Joyce, and police chief Jim Hopper.  Byers three friends meet a girl named Eleven who has psychokinetic abilitities.  Eleven claims that she can help them find Will, and the story follows the characters as they attempt to find out what happened to him.  The series takes place in the early ‘80s and is influenced by ‘80s genre films.


“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is a sequel to “Gilmore Girls”.  Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) is a freelance journalist with no place to call home, frequently traveling between London, New York, and Stars Hollow.  Even though she is in a relationship, and Logan is engaged, Rory stays in Logan Huntzbergers home during her visits to London.  Lorelai (Lauren Graham) has been in a relationship with Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) for ten years, yet they are still not married.  After her husband’s death, Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) starts therapy and cons her daughter Lorelai into attending it with her.  Eventually, Emily Gilmore quits the pretentious D.A.R., sells her extravagant home, and moves to a home in Nantucket – signifying her acceptance of her husband’s death.  Rory Gilmore sees ex-boyfriend Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) who encourages her to write a novel on her and her mother’s life in Stars Hollow.  After telling her mother about the book, Rory and Lorelai get into a huge fight and in order to sort through her emotions regarding her daughter and her boyfriend, Lorelai goes on a hiking trip to the Pacific Crest Trail in the manner of the book Wild. Lorelai returns from her trip, makes up with Rory, and proposes to Luke.  After the marriage, Rory reveals to her mother that she is pregnant in the last four words of the series.



This comedy/drama released in September 2016 on FX follows Princeton University dropout Earn (Donald Glover) as he navigates life in Atlanta, Georgia.  He has no home, job, or money, and the series follows his attempts at redeeming his reputation and improving the life of his daughter, Lotti.



A drug by the name of NZT-48 gives its user the ability to utilize every neuron in their brain, and once it is introduced to musician Brian Finch he becomes the smartest man in the world. U.S. Senator Edward “Eddie” Morra (Bradley Cooper) provides Finch with immunity shots so that he may avoid the deadly side effects, while at the same time finch is using his abilities to aid the FBI in.  Finch struggles to keep the secret of the immunity shots from the FBI and the secret of his involvement with the FBI from the senator.

“Fuller House”

Sequel to the popular nineties television show “Full House”, “Fuller House” follows veterinarian DJ Tanner and her three sons in their home in San Francisco California. Recently Widowed, Tanner accepts help from her younger sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy Gibbler who move in to help her raise her three sons, following the pattern of Full House.

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