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Settling the Score

The faculty-student basketball game

Kyra Breslow, Managing Editor

  Every year the students and faculty face off on the court to settle the score once and for all, that is until the next year. The teachers are on a winning streak, but this could be the game in which the students come out on top.

“I want to show up all the teachers, and I want them to know that the students are better than the teachers,” said senior Jaden Thomas.

Thomas believes that the students have more youth and athleticism, so they’ll easily come out on top. Junior Michael Bailey agrees and feels as though the student team will win due to their ability to shoot, but teacher Casey Frederick thinks the staff has the advantage.

“If we work hard and play together then we’ll be okay. They’ve got some good players, but so do we, so I think we’re going to come of on top for sure,” said Frederick.

Frederick has played in four of these games during his time at Potomac Falls and is a basketball coach, so he has a lot of experience in the workings of a good basketball game. Despite doing this three times already, he looks forward to playing each year.

“It’s certainly fun to raise money for the school, but I have a competitive spirit, and some of the student players have been talking a little smack. I look forward to [the atmosphere] too,” said Frederick.

No matter how many times the junior class sponsors this game, the school will always find a way to enjoy and get pumped for the clash between faculty and students.

“It’s more of a competitive thing; [one team] is saying ‘we’re gonna win’ but [the other team] is saying ‘no, we’re better’. It’s that back and forth type of thing,” said Bailey.

  The game will be held on Feb. 8 during flex and tickets will be sold for $2 during all lunch shifts.

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