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The Idiot-in-Chief and His Cohorts

A Democrat’s view at the atrocious policies and nominees of Trump and the Republicans in Congress

Massive crowds gather at White House to protest Trump's immigration plan . DC

Massive crowds gather at White House to protest Trump's immigration plan . DC

Photo by: TNS

Photo by: TNS

Massive crowds gather at White House to protest Trump's immigration plan . DC

Arthur Harris, Sports Editor

Donald Trump and extreme conservatives would be hard-pressed to make a bigger fool of the United States on the global stage. That’s no hyperbole either.

Trump’s first order of business was to raise the mortgage rates on Federal Housing Agency loans to pre-Obama levels. This directly hurts lower-class citizens, opposite what Trump’s campaign preached. One of Trump’s first proven lies as president.

Trump then proceeded to pass another executive order allowing for looser interpretation of the Affordable Care Act (More commonly know as Obamacare), which will allow for federal agencies to minimize the financial burden of Obamacare. This is the beginning of Trump’s broader repeal of Obamacare, even though Republicans do not want to repeal it without a replacement because it will lead to tens of millions of uninsured Americans (estimated at up to 30 million). The idea that Trump is willing to ‘prove his masculinity and superiority’ by being inhumane and putting millions at risk is not only idiotic, it’s unpresidential. There’s a reason people were tweeting #NotMyPresident. The president is supposed to represent the views of the people, as is each and every elected official in Congress. That’s why America is a republic. If we wanted an aristocracy, the Founding Fathers would have created one. But they didn’t because they were fighting for freedom and diversity of thought and demographics, not a uniform social and intellectual country. Donald Trump does not represent the views of the people. He represents the views and interests of the aristocrats.

Then came the travel ban.

The Fifth and 14th Amendments of the Constitution protect against religious discrimination at both the state and national level. Trump’s ban prevents individuals from entering the country because they are from Muslim-majority countries. In addition to the ban being unconstitutional, it does not even target the right countries. I invite you to guess the number of American citizens killed by citizens of Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia. Do you have a guess? Let me tell you the answer.




Zero American citizens have been killed on American soil by citizens of these seven countries. It is important to note, however, that 20 citizens have been injured by citizens of these countries, nine from Iran and 11 from Somalia, according to Nearly three thousand individuals have been killed in the last 40 years as a result of citizens from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. Why aren’t those countries banned from allowing individuals into our country? Trump has business endeavors in each of these countries, but surely that cannot be the reason. Surely Trump does not have conflicts of interest, like most news outlets suggested prior to his inauguration… (In case you didn’t catch that, that was sarcasm, just to be clear) –

Then came the nomination of Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education. Devos is a firm believer in both the deregulation of children’s education and the private education system, where those with disabilities are not guaranteed an education and, in most private institutions, religion is an integral part of a student’s curriculum. This does two major things: leads to poor and impoverished American children from being able to gain an education to help them escape poverty, and violates the concept of separation of church and state. On top of these disqualifications, Devos has no qualifications for the position other than being a prominent donor to the Republican party. She essentially bought out Senator Marco Rubio with $98,300 in campaign donations, complying him to vote for her despite a vast majority of Floridians wanting Devos to be rejected. This is primarily because 41.6 percent of Floridians have at best a high school education, and 62 percent of Floridians have at best some college experience, yet no degree to show for it, according to This vote demonstrates the harsh party lines that American politics are currently experiencing.

And then came the bigot that is Senator Jeff Session of Alabama. As an Alabama native, I know Senator Sessions. He is a racist in every aspect of the word. He looks to manipulate the Constitution at every corner to fit his agenda. One example of this is how Sessions once argued that the Establishment clause does not apply to states, and that “it doesn’t say states couldn’t establish a religion,” according to the New York Times. He supported the Patriot Act, which allowed for unlawful wiretapping without a warrant. Sessions once said that the Klu Klux Klan was perfectly acceptable, until he found out that they smoked pot. He has called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) un-American. He prosecuted the “Marion 3” for essentially helping black people vote, while turning a blind eye to white voter fraud. Sessions did all of this to put the fear back into African-Americans in Alabama, and helped to increase voter suppression. The Attorney General is supposed to help protect the rights of all Americans, not just the straight white nationalists (sorry Milo Yiannopoulos, Jeff Sessions isn’t going to protect you either).

Trump’s rhetoric has not only divided America, it has empowered the worst aspects of the Republican Party to come and strike. Mitch McConnell was the man who prevented former President Barack Obama from nominating someone to the Supreme Court, effectively ‘stealing’ the nomination away from him and the Democrats. McConnell’s partisanship only begins here though, as recently he led a vote shut down Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts from reading a letter by Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., while speaking about Senator Session’s appointment. The letter spoke of Session’s racism and voter suppression, yet was deemed a violation of Senate rule 19 for questioning Session’s credibility and motives. Senator Bernie Sanders, on the following morning, was allowed to read the letter raising more questions about the equity shown by the Republican Party. Why are the women of action silenced, but the men are not? For a party whose candidate ran on the idea of standing up for the little guy and “Making America Great Again,” it seems uncannily equivalent to Make America Aryan Again patriarchy, where only the rich and corrupt have a say.

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