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SCA Sponsors first ever Spring Fling

Trinity Green, Staff Writer

Q & A with SCA Vice President Jack Taylor

Q: Why change the Snowcoming dance?

A:“[Student Council Association] knew it wasn’t working, so we wanted to shake it up because we don’t want to keep using a broken machine. It’s [the spring fling] at least trying to give people a different experience than what they had before at the school. We wanted to freshen it up a little bit [this year]. It will still be a fun mid-year dance.”

Q: Why the ‘80s theme?
A:“We thought the ‘80s theme would be cool because we knew that the last theme was Dr.Seuss, so we kind of wanted something a little more out there for people… a little more generic so people can dress up for the dance. It went well because we were already thinking of doing roller skating at the dance, so it pairs really well with the disco roller skating era in the ‘80s.”

Q: Who’s helping you plan this event?

A:“SCA as a whole has helped plan this. the main chairs of this specific event have been senior Mackenzie Dorsey and junior Josie Roberts. They have been the leaders on this, but we also have the SCA senators help because they are helping us come up with some more ideas to help fill up that main hallway and make the dance. They are helping us with every little aspect. It’s huge because it’s people [the senators] you wouldn’t normally think about, and they are all kind of reflecting on what we have planned and adding their own personal ideas to it.”

Q: Is this dance a Sadie Hawkins Dance? [Sadie Hawkins is when the girl is supposed to ask the boy to the dance instead of the boy asking the girl.]

A:“We are leaving it up to the interpretation of whoever wants to. Basically we know in the past it has been and if someone wants to do [the asking], then they should go for it. It does not matter; we leave it open to interpretation partially because we think it’s important just for people to feel like they are welcomed to express who they want to go with, and it’s important that everyone has that same opportunity.”

Q: Will the DJ only play ‘80s music?

A:“The DJ is the same on from the homecoming dance and he will be playing ‘80s music,  but it will mostly be current popular music and he will take requests.”

Q: Will there be food there?
A:“Yes, it’s going to be a similar setup to homecoming.”

At homecoming, the main hallway to the gym is decorated, and when you go in the cafeteria there are chips, cookies and water. Spring Fling will feature slushies and a build your own waffle bar.

Q: What should students wear?
A:“We prefer for people to wear ‘80s attire, so that’s anything that was stylish in the ‘80s. The beauty of it is you can really do whatever you want.   There’s multiple colors, neon, headbands, leg warmers. Anything ‘80s. Google it and pick what you would like to wear and that’s totally fine.”

Q: What might students not want to wear?

A:“ We are slightly discouraging wearing homecoming garb because of roller skating. It’s not homecoming style.”

Q: What types of atmosphere should students expect?  
A:“We are capturing every aspect of the ‘80s; it’s going to be a bunch of different things that you wouldn’t really expect because we want to represent the whole decade and not just a specific part. There will be things such as Stranger Things, MTV and just a lot of variety.”


SCA has put a lot of work into planning this new dance in hopes of enticing more students to attend.

“I am going because it seems like a fun time,” said freshman Gabby Kintz.

The ‘80s was a decade of disco music, neon colors and a lot of crazy cool hairstyles.

 One perk of going to the dance is roller skating. Roller skating was very popular in the 80’s and kids still like to do today; however, the closest roller skating rink is in Purcellville, 40 minutes away, and it’s always booked. So the fact that you can have a night of roller skating near by and ‘80s fun at the same time is amazing.

 “I am super pumped because I have never done indoor roller skating before and it just seems like a whole lot of fun,” said junior Emilia Gaye.

 “My best friend is president of SCA, so when I first found out about the theme I was skeptical, but then after hearing all the good ideas they have,I got excited. I thinks it’s going to be really fun to hang out will all my friends at the same time,” said senior Grace Gay.

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