Meet: Jared Brennan

Mr. Potomac Falls contestant

Meet: Jared Brennan

Trinity Green, Staff Writer

Mr.Potomac Falls contestant Jared Brennan plans on keeping a family tradition going, his brother Colin Brennan won Mr.PFHS as a senior and in fact, he’s bring him back as his escort. Although he won’t disclose his talent, Brennan plans to win the competition with his “great all around personality,” For Brennan, participating in Mr.PFHS is just something else to do before he graduates.


Q:Why are you participating in Mr.PFHS?

A:“Its another activity to do before I graduate”

Q:What inspired you to sign up for Mr.PFHS?

A:“I followed my friends and my brother did it and i thought it would be a fun time.”

Q:Why do you think you should be the next Mr.PFHS?

A:“I have a great all around personality, and my talent will be entertaining to see”

Q:What should students expect to see at this event?

A:“Something out of the ordinary not your average talent show but we’re doing a dance, Q&A, karaoke and lip syncing.”

Q:What are you going to be doing in the show?

A:“ I want to keep it a secret”

Q:Who’s going to be your escort? Why?

A:“My brother Collin Brennan because he won it when he was a senior, so it will be cool to bring him back.”

Q:Is there going to dancing?


Q:What is your talent?

A: “I can’t tell you my talent.”

Q:If you were a bird where would you migrate in the winter?

A:“Bahamas because I like the beach.”

Q:Ice Cream or Ice Dream?

A:“Ice cream.”

Q:If you could survive of one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

A:“Chicken nuggets.”

Q: Dasani or fiji?


Q:What’s the theme song of your life?

A:“”I’m on a boat” by Lonely Island.”

Q:What’s your favorite movie?

A:“”Tommy Boy””

Q:Whip cream or cool whip?

A:“Whip cream.”

Q: Tupac or biggie?


Q:Party in the USA or not in the USA?

A:“Party in the USA”