Meet: Kerem Prolux

Mr. Potomac Falls Contestant

Meet: Kerem Prolux

Trinity Green, Staff Writer

Mr. Potomac Falls  contestant  Kerem Prolux  plans on doing nothing other than taking the crown. His extremely high level of confidence might give him a better chance. Although he refused to disclose any information about what he plans on doing in the show to keep the element of surprise. In a competition one person always comes out on top, and Proulx thinks that it’s going to be him. “I’m just better than all the other ones,” said Proulx

Q:What inspired you to sign up for Mr. PFHS?

“You see all the other ones from the past years, and I helped some of the seniors my sophomore year, and so you know it’s always a fun thing to do, humiliate yourself in front of everyone for them to enjoy”

Q:Why do you think you should be the next Mr.PFHS?

A:“I’m just better than all the other ones.”

Q:What should  students  expect to see at this event?

A:“A lot of manly men doing a bunch of things many men usually don’t do.”

Q:What are you going to be doing in the show?


Q:Who’s going to be your escort? Why?

A:“I’m thinking about Wahaj Saeed because that’s the love of my life.”

Q:Is there going to dancing?

A:“There will be plenty of dancing, provocative dancing.“

Q:What is your talent?

A:“I can’t disclose that at this time.”

Q:If you were a bird where would you migrate in the winter?

A:“I like the Bahamas; there’s nice beautiful women.”

Q:Ice Cream or ice dream?

A:“Ice cream.”

Q;If you could survive of one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?


Q:Dasani or fiji?


Q:What’s the theme song of your life?

A:“”The Boys Are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy.”

Q:What’s your favorite movie?

A:“”Pulp Fiction”.”

Q:Whip cream or cool whip?

A:“Cool whip.”

Q:Tupac or Biggie?


Q:Party in the USA or not in the USA?

A:“Party in the USA”