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A Will to Survive

Claire Gallihugh, Staff Writer

Due to the high levels of stress today’s high school students endure, and increased numbers of teens struggling with their mental health, suicide prevention education and services have become a growing priority.  Therapeutic organization “A Place to be” offers music therapy services, and is currently putting on a show called “A Will to Survive.”  It is written to address the challenges of an American High School student, the issue of mental health, and to honor the life of seventeen-year-old Will who took his own life at the age of 17.  “The musical is trying to prevent suicide, and it’s in the hopes and promises of what teenagers are going through in their day to day lives. They’re trying to show that the hope can still be there in the struggles you go through,” said PTSO president Judy Schmid.


A Will to Survive is a new way to provide education on mental health.  Through engaging students, this rock- opera musical is more interesting and interactive than attending the typical Acknowledge Care Tell (ACT) class the county provides.  “We wanted to bring it because it’s different than just the ACT refresher classes,” said Schmid.

The show will provide its audience with more resources, ideas, and methods to help those struggling with mental illnesses by presenting different stories from diverse characters that teens can relate with.  An open discussion and question and answer period will follow the production.  “The first hour of the performance and there’s a half hour debrief after the end of it.  That debrief and question and answer period is what we hope will spark conversation to let people know that there are resources available,” said Schmid.

The performance will be in the auditorium during flex and as well as at 7 p.m. after school on April 4, 2017.  Schmid is certain that the audience will truly enjoy the show, and not only be entertained but also realize that there is hope in the struggles they are facing.


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