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Review “Divide” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Continues to Amaze

Arthur Harris, Sports Editor

  After taking over a year off, Ed Sheeran returned to the music arena with ➗. This new album has been nothing short of spectacular. In typical Ed fashion, Sheeran’s guitar riffs and melodies are complemented by smooth singing mixed with great hooks. The album will most definitely compete for album of the year, hoping to best his previous album’s place in the Top 10 Best Albums of 2014 by Billboard. The album has already topped charts in the US and UK, going Gold and triple Platinum, respectively. Almost every song on the album brings a unique sound to the table. In order to give a deeper dive into the quality of the album, here’s a list of all 16 songs alongside personal ratings and impressions.


  1. Eraser – 10/10, fiery and passionate, an outstanding opener to the album
  2. Castle on the Hill – 9/10, the first single does not disappoint, as the song of nostalgia brings only positivity to every listener’s’ mind
  3. Dive – 10/10, slow and groovy, but the raw emotion Sheeran puts in really makes this song
  4. Shape of You – 9/10, the album’s other single is upbeat and just what you’d expect from Sheeran
  5. Perfect – 9/10, the love song’s slow and smooth melody is entrancing to say the least
  6. Galway Girl – 8/10, upbeat and repetitive, your classic radio song
  7. Happier – 10/10, my personal favorite, starts slow and gradually builds momentum
  8. New Man – 9/10, Upbeat, hip hop-like, a fun singalong
  9. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here – 7.5/10, slow love song that gradually picks up, relaxing
  10. What do I Know? – 9/10, rhythmic, upbeat, simple yet elegant
  11. How Would You Feel (Paean) –  6/10, soft, soothing, and complex, but feels somewhat bland
  12. Supermarket Flowers – 8/10, a slow and methodical love song that is unlike Sheeran but is appreciated nonetheless
  13. Barcelona – 8.5/10, Upbeat with latin influences, the uniqueness of Barcelona doesn’t disappoint
  14. Bibia Be Ye Ye – 6/10, fun and upbeat, however lacks substance
  15. Nancy Mulligan – 8.5/10, calling on his Irish roots, the mix of pop and traditional Irish music is something special
  16. Save Myself – 8/10, while not for everyone, this closer’s slow pace and message are extremely powerful and will be cherished by lyricists everywhere
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