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Part Time Panther: Evan Powell takes ASL III

Because the class is not offered at Park View, Evan Powell travels to Potomac Falls for one block each B day to take ASL III

Evan Powell, a senior at Park View High School, commutes to Potomac Falls every other day to participate in the school’s American Sign Language III program. Due to Park View’s low participation in their American Sign Language program, they do not offer ASL III. Powell was made an offer he couldn’t refuse – the opportunity to continue his sign language study at a different school.

“I just really wanted to continue taking the class, so some arrangements were made between Park View and Potomac Falls and here I am,” said Powell.

Powell comes to Potomac Falls every B day, leaving Park View at 12:05 pm, staying for the entirety of seventh period, and immediately returning to Park View at 2:30 pm.

“At first, it was a little weird emerging myself in a completely new environment for only two hours every day, but my classmates have been super welcoming. Everyone is super outgoing and fun to talk to,” said Powell. “The first day I walked into the class, I was a little nervous to meet all these new people, as most high school kids would be, but by the end of my first day I felt like I had made so many new friends; I even have a group that I sit with at lunch. We all know that’s the hardest part of starting a new school, knowing who you’ll sit with at lunch.”

Powell has been taking American Sign Language for two years at Park View but could not get enough of the course after level two.

“I’m aiming for an advanced diploma, and that’s not achievable unless you have three consecutive years of a language,” said Powell. Powell does not plan on studying American Sign Language past high school, but claims he would not be opposed to taking a course in college.

Lynn Martinez, Potomac Falls’ Sign Language teacher said that “[Powell] is always respectful and willing to participate.”

“He adds a calm, friendly vibe to our otherwise wild class,” said Martinez.

Currently, Powell is the only student currently commuting to Potomac Falls to take American Sign Language. “[I would be] happy to welcome more kids to our program in the future,” said Martinez. “[Although] stressful, I am glad that Potomac Falls’ sign language program is taking names around the county.”


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