Freshman to Watch: Lauren Turner


Coach Puszert says Lauren Turner is the volleyball Freshman to Watch

As the youngest player on varsity volleyball, freshman Lauren Turner has been playing since attending camp two years ago. Standing at 5’8”, she feels her experience during the off season on NVVA 14 Ice League prepared her for high school tryouts. According to Coach Nicolas Puszert, Turner’s positivity and energy make her volleyball’s Freshman to Watch.

Q: Can you describe the energy that they bring to the team?  

“Lauren seems to always be a positive person which is important to her teammates. Her energy is evident when she does something well and her teammates love to see it.”

Q: What surprised you the most about this athlete?

“I was surprised at Lauren’s sense of humor. She’s a funny kid, and I think that this calms the other girls when they are playing in a game.”

Q: Why did you recommend them for this/what sets them apart? 

“Lauren has a bright future with PFHS volleyball, and I see a lot of potential in her abilities.”

Q: What are their strengths?

“Lauren’s strengths are her willingness to learn and improve from her mistakes.  She’s an inquisitive person and this quality will benefit her tremendously as an athlete but also as a person.”

Catch Lauren Turner and the varsity volleyball team at their next home match on Oct. 17 against Stone Bridge, 7 pm