Gifts That Give Back


Use this guide to shop for anyone on your list all while giving back to a greater cause

The thought of buying your friends and family holiday gifts can be overwhelming; you may not know if they will like or use it. But, your mom is much more likely to love a gift if she knows she is saving the turtles and sending girls in India to school. With these four companies below, not only will you be able to give an awesome present, but a portion of your purchase will be donated to specific charities.

Gift #1- Towels and Tapestries for Marine Life

Sand Cloud offers a large array of adorable, trendy towels and tapestries that any person would love to have. With fun patterns and dyes, these gifts will make anyone feel like they are back in summer. Their mission is to save marine life, so they will be donating ten percent of every purchase to five different ocean organizations. The link below brings you right to their website so you can shop easy! Click here to shop Sand Cloud

Gift #2- Coffee for Firefighters

Coffee is a classic fall-back gift for your parents. You know they will use it and think of you with every cup they drink. Fire Dept. Coffee puts a fun twist on this gift, as it is made by firefighters and for firefighters, first responders, and military (and if your parents are a part any of these organizations, you can get a discount). But don’t worry, even if your parents have a different profession, you can still get it and support those people! According to the company, “A portion of every order goes to support firefighter and military charities and we’re excited to announce that Fire Department Coffee will soon be launching our own charitable foundation dedicated to serving our heroes. More details to come.” Make sure to click the link below and keep an eye out for their own new organization. Click here to shop Fire Dept. Coffee

Gift #3- Sweatshirts for the Forest

This winter is perfect for cozying up in new sweatshirts. TenTree offers cute clothing items with nature designs that are perfect for anyone this holiday season. TenTree plants ten trees for every product purchased. They have projects in countries all over the world, such as Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Cambodia, Senegal, Canada, and many more. Help the planet and get an awesome shirt today! Click here to shop TenTree

Gift #4- Cosmetic bags for Female Education

Your mom and sisters are going to need a makeup bag to put all the new products in that they will be getting for Christmas. The “Kina Cosmetic Bag” that is offered by Bloom and Grow is a perfect option. Half, I repeat HALF, of the proceeds go to education programs that send girls in India to school. Empower teens girls in other countries by giving them the opportunities that we have! Click here to shop Bloom and Grow

Spread the holiday cheer this season by helping other people and animals around the world. The feeling of giving is an inspiring sensation, so multiply it this holiday season and give to even more people. If you order any of these products, take a picture with it and we may feature it on the Roar Instagram! Happy Holidays and good luck shopping.