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SCA and PLC Encourage Students to ‘Do Good’ this December

In an effort to spread kindness, SCA and PLC are working in committees to do different service projects this month

Tis the season to give back, and Potomac Falls Student Council Association and Panther Leadership Council are uplifting the spirit of the holidays by passing kindness all around the community in an effort to “Do Good December.”

Partnering with the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy, SCA and PLC took on the challenge to do simple acts of kindness over the month of December; hence the title, “Do Good December.” This leadership development program was created to actively get students involved in their community through activities and projects given to them.

“Our goals are all for the good of the community and helping to better it and to help others when they need it,” said senior Sarah Robertson, PLC member.

Whether it’s donating, planning holiday meals for families, or developing care packages for troops in Baghdad, SCA divided these acts of kindness into three distinct projects that are central to the idea of giving back.

“We did a brainstorming session and three strong ideas came out of it, and it made sense to break everyone up, because there was definitely the ability to have more than one or two projects,” said Lexi Swinimer, SCA and PLC co-sponsor.

The first project to kick off was the “Dude. Be Nice” campaign. Advisory classes distributed small cards to students and told them to do a small act of kindness for someone and hand them the card in order to spread the word and encourage people to do one simple thing – be nice.

“We thought since some people struggle during the holidays, it would be great to spread some kindness. The little things can make someone’s day 100 times better, and that’s all we are asking is for people to do: the little things,” said junior Abby Conry, committee leader.

SCA and PLC want people to show their acts of kindness on social media accounts by using the hashtag, “DBNdoesDecember.” People interested in seeing how kindness is spread in the community may view the content at “Our goal is to get our whole community involved and do random acts of kindness for people and post about it on social media,” said Conry.

Other projects they are working on keep with the idea of giving back – to the troops, families in need, and all in all, to the community. Though the goal for this month is to selflessly act as a servant leader for others, the students behind this project hope to spread the word that kindness is an act spread all year long.

“It’s not about who’s getting credit, and that’s sometimes the hardest thing for leadership students to learn. So, ultimately, what we want is for students to learn those leadership skills as they are applying them and practicing them with the project,  and the side effect is that we are benefiting the community as well,” said Swinimer.

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