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Club Files: French Club

Get to know more about French Club as a part of our Club Files series.

Enjoying some raclette, coq au vin, or escargot sounds enticing, and if you are a member of French Club, you may get close to a taste of some French cuisine. Sure, the food at French Club meetings might not be as fancy as the aforementioned, but the club still offers its members a taste of the culture. Its goal is to “enjoy delicious French food,” said club sponsor Schulyer Stephens. “We promote the study of French language and culture.”  

The entire club eats breakfast together on the days they meet, and plays games such as Kahoot,  as well as other fun activities. “In French Club, we do a variety of things from games to learning about the French culture,”  said junior Ryan Beach, club treasurer.  “We might have a field trip later this year.”

Aside from games and food, their meetings feature education activities. “There are fifty students enjoying croissants [in a meeting] and participating in a poetry and song contest, or student travel presentations to French-speaking countries, or a hilarious 50 question Kahoot game on French Culture,” said Stephens.  “Do you know how long Louis XIX reigned? Twenty minutes!”

According to Stephens, all Panthers are welcome in French Club. They don’t even require someone to sign up, they can just simply show up to a meeting. A person does not even need to take French to join. Club dues are $15 and include the student designed t-shirts. They meet every third Wednesday at 8:15 a.m. in room 105.

There are eight officers in French Club, President Nicole Luz, Vice President Adele Haake, Secretary Jocelyn Tyranski, Treasurer Ryan Beach, Activities Coordinator Clint Pham, Communications Coordinator Hannah Cantrell, Creative Director Emily Carr, as well as Historian/Photographer Gus Horkan.

If you would like to learn more about this club, visit their webpage here.


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