Hidden Treasures

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Hidden Treasures

As vintage style comes back into trend, the younger generation has quickly latched to the cheap and unique hobby.

To some, the small corner stores, or even department sized facilities, full of clothing and other goods seem to be just an unusual destination for cheap junk. However, these full racks can hold some of the simplest treasures for as low as a couple cents. Thrifting has become a new sensation for the younger crowd.

The appeal of thrifting for our generation is the style and looks icons such as Travis Scott and other celebrities have brought back. “[I was attracted] to the vintage look, because rappers now are dressing in vintage collections that cost probably 50 times more than a thrift store,” said senior Joaquin Garcia.

Finding affordable but stylish items is one of the many benefits to thrifting, but there are many reasons why teens and those in their 20s have hopped on the trend. The chance to find unique, never-seen pieces that are often less than 10 dollars is what makes thrifting more than just a shopping trip, but instead, a hobby.

“Thrifting is a lot cheaper than going to a retail store where you pay retail prices, and sometimes thrift stores have the hip vintage goods that retail stores don’t offer anymore; maybe the seasons over,” said Garcia.

There are tons of local places to choose from when looking to start your first thrifting experience. Places like Goodwill and Plato’s Closet offer a wide variety of clothing, and there is most likely one right around the corner. Plato’s Closet is not just a place where purchasing cheap clothes is popular; here, selling your lightly worn clothes can also be a financial benefit.

“There are three places I trust to find really cool items and highly recommend: Unique in Tysons Corner, Hope’s Treasures, and The Goodwill in Sully Station in Fairfax,” said junior Magdelena Nickle.

Finding clothing that can be worn and look good can seem daunting and rather overwhelming the first time stepping into a large thrift store because there are just so many options. Nickle recommends going in with a goal and a bunch of friends.

“Whenever I go I always have the goal of finding a good pair of jeans because it is so hard to find a good pair that fits you the right way and is exactly the style you’re looking for,” said Nickle.

With fashion from the nineties becoming a popular trend, people have taken it upon themselves to buy special items that can be manipulated in any way they’d like. If you, personally, become bored or tired of your wardrobe, try this new hobby which can save you money and reinvent your style.

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