Editorial: Panther Pit Reform

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Editorial: Panther Pit Reform

After winning the first game in conference play, the basketball team needs Panther Pit support now more than ever.

With a boys’ varsity basketball team that is consistently improving and a student section that seems to be consistently losing its spirit, Potomac Falls basketball fans are left to ponder, what more could our student body want? A team with a winning record, the most energized coach in the county, and three All-Conference recipients on the team still isn’t enough to get the Panther Pit going.

It’s been over a decade since the Panther Pit has seen its peak, and it seems as if there is no solution to getting the Pit back to its once lively self.

There have been efforts from a few hopeful and spirited individuals to turn the pitiful Pit back around. Coach Hawes and several members of the basketball team have tried to get involved with students in the Pit. Hawes himself signals for the Pit to begin something as simple as the “defense” chant.

On senior night, there was a glimpse of hope from the Panther Pit after the team orchestrated a surprise that incorporated more than 40 students in the stands engaging in senior Grant Misch’s pre-game handshake with junior Hayden Hawes. Instead of the traditional handshake, Misch jumped into the air, and upon landing, the entire varsity team as well as fans in the Pit fell backwards as if they were blown away by his presence.

With a basketball team that is consistently seeing post-season play practically pleading for the involvement and support from their student body, what more could it take to fill our student section?

Sophomore Luca Farouz has stepped up and taken the role that is traditionally done by most upperclassmen and is now determined to not only save the Panther Pit, but school spirit as a whole. Unlike Farouz, the Pit is able to attract a large audience during football season, but once winter falls, they’re nowhere to be found.

Changing his username to “@lucadapitmaster” on Instagram, Farouz’s mission to save the Pit has now become his goal for his remaining time at Potomac Falls. From leading chants to creating personalized signs for each player, Farouz knows that unwavering support should be the Pit’s main function.

The whole point of a student section is to stand behind our school and its athletics. Our current situation with the student section or lack thereof is nothing short from tragic. The future of the Pit relies solely on us – the students – to come to the games, cheer on our players, and mess with their opponents.

So here’s a simple solution- just come. There has been a slight improvement in the Pit, but we can’t stop here, not during the most crucial time of the basketball season. What’s keeping you from coming? Netflix and Fortnite can wait. Our teams deserve support from their students and what better time than now? Playoffs.

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