Freshman Artist to Watch: Amelia Haake


Freshman Amelia Haake has been working on her art since first grade but has been taking it seriously since the fifth grade. Her favorite mediums to work with are marker and colored pencils together, using marker as a base and adding texture and value with the colored pencils. Working towards becoming an animator, Haake is looking forward to working under and learning from the art teachers her next four years. Due to Haake’s encouraging manner and dedication to her work, she has been nominated by her Art I teacher, Elizabeth Chodrow, as a Freshman Artist to Watch.

Can you describe the energy that she has towards her art?

Elizabeth Chodrow: “Mia Haake’s creative mind always seems to be in motion, observing everything, creating, experimenting and exploring her ideas. A self-starter, she passionately ‘jumps in’ to create her art.”

What surprised you the most about this artist?

E.C.: “What surprised me the most about Mia is the exceptional level of technical and conceptual abilities she demonstrates as a freshman.”

What sets her apart?

E.C.: “Mia is a highly motivated art student who is eager to learn about new art techniques, processes and media.  Mia sets artistic goals for herself, and works through unexpected challenges with confidence. She puts the time into developing, revising and refining her work in her art sketchbook.”

What are her strengths?

E.C.: “Besides her obvious artistic talent and creativity, Mia’s strengths show through her desire to learn and improve her craft.  Mia participates in art activities beyond school, such as being an active member in the PFHS Art Club, Summer in the Arts and is applying to PAVAN this year.”

Why did you recommend her for this?

E.C.: “I recommended Mia as she is the talented, motivated, passionate art student that every art teacher dreams about having in the art class, but also because Mia is willing to take the time to give and share what she knows with her classmates.”