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Dwelling in the Deep

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Dwelling in the Deep

Get to know more about the Dungeons and Dragons club and the mystical quest on which they embark each week

Out of the shadows stammers a hideous creature with moss green skin and yellow eyes; it appears to stand no taller than a person’s hip bone with ragged clothes draping of his compact body.  The varmint’s lips part, revealing a jagged toothed smile, evil in every aspect. As its jaw lowers, a rancid smell settles in the air, the lanky beast’s breath reeks of rotten flesh.

This is a goblin. Found in the Badlands, Darklands, forests and mountains that make up the fictional universe created for the popular board game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). They prey on animals and harvest nearby vegetation (depending on the tribe’s location). The majority of goblins speak the common language and goblinoid.

Now any individual who plays D&D knows that, alone, goblins are weak and wouldn’t be fearful when coming across one. They would also know that goblins travel in packs, like wolves, and it’s likely that this goblin has nearby friends.

Unfortunately, you might not be one of those people. The goblin ends up robbing you blind; you’re left with an empty pocket and a broken spirit, -2 charisma.

Luckily, there’s a new Dragons and Dungeons club that can help improve knowledge on the mystical realm. That is, if you’re brave enough.

“I found it cool that each fictional character had their own detailed background, and thought the game mechanics were strange and a little hard to understand” said junior Ryan Beach, commenting on how the first meet went.

A typical game or meeting consists of a group of friends, multitudes of snacks, an unlimited imagination, and hours upon hours of playing time. However, this quest – the D&D club at school – has a setting that slightly differs from those played in one’s free time; it’s a few acquaintances, no snacks (not that you couldn’t bring your own), and a little over an hour of play time per session.

According to those who have attended a meeting, there are still copious amounts of fun being had within the boundaries of the game.

“I was excited. I couldn’t wait to play with my friends,” said junior Dannaca Balloue, who attended the first club meeting on February 12. “We [the party members] spent time together in a group, which was nice.”

Balloue has had very little interaction with D&D, her only experience was watching videos online.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played the game, or if you’re a highly experienced player. If you are interested, this strategical game is welcoming of all people, no matter the background.

If you choose to start this adventure, contact the club sponsors  Russell Murphy or Cecil Daniel for more information. The current quest already has a full roster for the adventure, but the next escapade awaits new party members.

“I think they’ll be super action packed since everybody will know what they’re doing, and they’ll have more freedom with their choices,” said sophomore, Ethan Fink, regarding future campaigns.

Cast your die and commence your journey amongst friend and foe. See the official website for more information.

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