Fortnite: Overview of an Obsession


For avid video gamers, late nights filled with the unique video game, Fortnite, are almost too familiar. For everyone else, here’s what the hype’s about.

Too often, as you scroll through your snapchat stories, almost every boy ever has some sort of self-praise, Battle Royale, winning post. Fortnite, a new sensation taking over the lives of avid video gamers everywhere, has become one of the most popular games on Xbox One, Play Station 4, and even the computer.

The premise of Fortnite is a post-apocalyptic one. After 98% of the world’s population suddenly disappears, those who remain live on a version of Earth that is covered in dense clouds and inhabited by zombie-like creatures. Players embark on various missions, but they share one thing – the will to survive.

“The landscape varies from flat farm fields to huge mountains and lakes; it makes the game unique every time,” said senior Spencer Suchoski

Survivors have constructed “storm shields” to clear storm clouds, reduce the risk of attack, and to use to set up survivor bases all over the world. Players oversee a base and must venture out without a storm shield to collect resources, rescue other survivors – those who haven’t turned into zombies – and expand their storm shield.

There were originally two types of formats in which to play the game – person versus environment and person versus person. The latter is a “battle royale” style game which “blends the survival, exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game.”

Suchoski plays the battle royale mode. “A hundred people drop into a huge island map and the last person to survive, wins. You spawn in with no weapons or anything, and you have to find it all. There’s also a huge storm that pushes everyone together at the end of the game,” said Suchoski.

While this “fight to the death” type of game is enjoyed individually, there are also duo and multiplayer options where people can play with up to four on a team.

“I like playing in a team; it’s more fun. You can talk with your teammates over your headset,” said sophomore Kareem Al-Mufti.

There have been other popular battle games, most notably Call of Duty, but with a unique game like Fortnite surfacing, Call of Duty has lost some of its allure. Not to mention, the version of Fortnite that everyone plays is free and way more accessible, as it is available on three different consuls.

“I have always played Call of Duty my entire life. It’s different because it’s a different team-based game with objectives and goals with a lot of [unique] game modes,” said Suchoski.

Not like the rest of them, Fortnite’s popularity is immense and addictive as most players play at least a couple hours a day. “[Video games] are fun entertainment and are just a good way to pass time,” said Al-Mufti.

No one knows what the next new video game fad will be; for now, Fortnite seems to reign supreme. Whether it’s playing the game itself or scrolling through Snapchat, everyone’s exposed and the hype remains.