Swapping Music: Kyra on Taylor

From rock to indie bands, junior Kyra Breslow listened to twelve favorite songs of senior Taylor Timmerman.

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Swapping Music: Kyra on Taylor

My experience started with an ad, which was honestly the best thing I heard during this endeavor. I’m kidding. I actually really liked a lot of these songs, which was surprising to me because I’m pretty pretentious when it comes to music and only listen to the same five albums on repeat. This was a huge step outside my comfort zone since these calm, happy indie bands are the complete opposite of what I like.

“Cemetery Drunk” by Duncan Saige
It was very upbeat I’m not used to this much happiness to be completely honest. When you’re used to 80s rock and heavy metal, you don’t really expect a guitar to be able to make pleasant noises. Not complaining, just confused.

“Birds Don’t Sing” by TV Girl
Not going to lie, it was so soothing at the beginning I almost fell asleep. I actually did like the lead singer’s voice, so calming.

“Back Stabbin’ Betty” by Cage the Elephant
The first thing I noticed when this came on was the album art. Really cool, original album art has become more and more rare so this was a really nice break. Their drummer is really good, not as heavy as I’m used to, but I think we all can stand a break from that once in a while. The effect on the singer’s voice is really unique. I adore when artists use auto tune to make their voice sound cool. There was also a guitar solo, so it’s a thumb up from me.

“Water Bottle” by Gaffa Tape Sandy
Taylor said this was the most screamo song on her playlist I’m very disappointed considering this has a much screaming as a Billy Joel song. I genuinely really enjoyed this song though, and I’m actually going to look up more stuff by them. They kind of walk the line between rock and alternative, so they’ve got a cool sound.

“Beehive” by Gaffa Tape Sandy
This song was also incredible. They did one of my favorite musical things of all time where they have male lead vocals with a female harmony. I haven’t heard a lot of bands do this, so I’m really loving this.

“Panic” by the Smiths
He’s got talent and everything and his voice is great but this really just isn’t my style. The Smiths are iconic don’t get me wrong, I just don’t really like most things were written before like ‘85. I’m picky, don’t come for me.

“Raise a Glass” by A Blaze of Feather
First off, this song could never be played at a concert since it’s a whopping six minutes long and so sad. I don’t need your help being sad Taylor; I listen to emo music already, I think I’m good. I’m currently torn between falling asleep and curling up in a ball to contemplate life.

“Sweetest Thing” by Gold Member
I actually liked this song, I’ll just never be able to sing it because the first 20 seconds is whistling, and I can’t whistle to save my life. There was an unsettling, creepy whisper of ‘it’s me’ right before the chorus that really didn’t fit the overall theme of the song, but these things happen sometimes.

“Cherry Lips” by Loon Lake
Loon Lake, that’s where they put the crazy ones right? I actually like this. He’s got good inflection, so that’s a plus. They might be witches though because Taylor has suddenly been overcome with seizures- oh wait that’s just her dancing. I can’t say I blame her though this was really nice.

“Sweet Sixteen” by Think About Life
This song sounded like an 80’s band that just discovered the synthesizer- Flock of Seagulls much? Okay it’s not Flock of Seagulls bad, but it is cool to hear a synthesizer in the 2000’s. Literally haven’t heard a band use a synthesizer in years.

“Pantyhose,” by TV Girl So apparently this is about a soldier in the Vietnam War whose girlfriend gave him her pantyhose as a good luck charm. The whole thing sounds really calm, but the chick actually broke up with him, but he kept the pantyhose anyways. I thought it was a murder story originally since there’s a line that says, “wrapped her pantyhose around his neck” but nope, it’s actually a romance song. I’m still confused as to why a pantyhose of all things would be what you give to your boyfriend.

“You’re a Wolf” by Sea Wolf
This is my second favorite song with wolves in the title, which doesn’t mean much since I’ve only heard two. Though it sounds like it should be written by the band that sang my favorite wolf song cause they really remind me of U2.

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