Swapping Music: Taylor on Kyra

Sharing their music tastes with each other, senior Taylor Timmerman and junior Kyra Breslow discover new favorite artists.

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Swapping Music: Taylor on Kyra

Who doesn’t love screaming in your ear? Well, even if you answered that question, I wouldn’t be able to tell with my hearing half gone. To be honest, I didn’t think that this mixture of rock and punk would offer new songs that I like. While these songs are far from my preferences but they have a great combination of instrumentals and vocals. And a lot of them do in fact have good lyrics. I can’t fault them for being poorly made or sung as they’re great songs. Most of them just aren’t my favorite.

So here are my initial, unfiltered thoughts on her playlist:

“Bringing It Down” by Starset
I genuinely jumped back in my seat when this song began, it leads with a soft beginning that suddenly jumps to heavy instrumentals. What struck me the most was the aggressive and heavy instrumentals. I can barely hear anymore, sure, but the ringing in my ears was worth listening to a good song.

“It Has Begun” by Starset
While the last song had particularly strong instrumentals, this one had very strong vocals that stuck with me. I liked it, again, this playlist is going to break me with how angst-ridden and heavy these songs generally are.

“Attitude City” by Ninja Sex Party
Yeah, this wasn’t for me. I understand that they are a parody band from previously hearing some of their hit songs. But they’re just not my favorite parody band, sadly. I know that Kyra really loves them, but their style doesn’t sync with me. Their style is comedy and electro-pop, which they do well. I’m simply not a fan. And I hate it when I say, “it just isn’t for me.” Though it’s true, it isn’t. Hopefully later I can listen to more songs of theirs. I hate saying that I dislike a band simply because of their style, it’s not their fault.

“Backseat Serenade” by All Time Low
I liked this, mostly because they remind me a bit of Fall Out Boy. Other than that, this song is decent.

“We’ve Got Soul” by Chapel
I rather have money, first off. Disagreeing with a song lyric aside, this is the first one that I actually love. It’s upbeat and catchy, I’m into it. After listening to this, I immediately downloaded their entire album on Spotify. I am definitely a fan of theirs now.

“Mad All the Time” by Waterparks
Kyra crowd surfed to this song, it was a sad day for her and then for me when she told me that. I can see her floating through the crowd as this one has good vocals. Otherwise, this song isn’t something that I’ll definitely remember or listen to again. This rock band wasn’t my style.

“The Haunting” by Set It Off
Feels like all the others in that this isn’t my favorite. It kind of blends in with the rest and doesn’t particularly stand out in terms of vocals or instrumentals.

“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” by Set It Off
I too am hopeless, but not really bouncing off these walls. I feel like I’m repeating that these songs are angst y and aggressive, but that’s only because it’s true for a lot of them.

“27” by Fall Out Boy
This band consumed my entire freshman year of high school, so it’s good to hear them again after about two long years of separation. That whole thing about separation making the heart grow fonder, it’s totally true. Though this one song was enough Fall Out Boy for me this year.

“Feel Invincible” by Skillet
I only like them because they’re a Christian rock band, I obviously only listen to Christian rock music. While their song vaguely reminds of an early 2000’s club song, I kind of like it.

“Happy Song” by Bring Me the Horizon
This song is the definition of click-bait, I sought a happy song because of the title. Instead, I got led straight away with blaring guitars and drums. I mean, I did enjoy it but don’t know if I liked it.

“Jekyll and Hyde” by Five Finger Death Punch
Honestly, I could see me listening to this when I’m angry. Otherwise, it’s a bit too aggressive for my delicate preferences of light and joyful melodies. It broke me a bit.

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