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Movie Review: Why I Loved ‘Love, Simon’

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Movie Review: Why I Loved ‘Love, Simon’

The recently released movie Love, Simon, directed by Greg Berlanti and produced by Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen, Pouya Shabazian, Isaac Klausner hit theatres on March 16, 2018.

The film was such a hit that people are still raving about it – months later. This PG-13 rom-com, coming- of-age tale is inclusive to all people and tells the story about a teen boy grappling with parts of his identity. The director and producers did a wonderful job of creating and sharing a movie that tells a story many movie producers have been hesitant to tell.

The main character Simon (Nick Robinson) leads a particularly normal life, but he has a big secret – his sexuality.

Through a social media website used at his school, Simon finds out that another boy at his school is gay as well. Immediately, his mission is to figure out who this boy is. He emails this anonymous boy who goes by the name “Blue” online. When another student, Martin (Logan Miller), gets access to the messages, he blackmails Simon out of desperation, trying to get his help in catching the attention of the popular girl, Abby (Alexandra Shipp).

Simon and Blue exchanged many emails explaining their lives to each other, the struggles they faced, and analyzing whether they should come out and tell their friends and family that they are gay. The emails reveal their true emotions and how much they truly care about each other. And as if the plot wasn’t good enough, the ending makes the movie a must-see. The film is sentimental, tying together romance and comedy brilliantly.

Robinson did a phenomenal job of bringing his character to life. Although, off the screen he is a straight male, his on-screen character Simon creates a persona that many members of the LGBTQ community can relate to. Simon is living a particularly normal life and being a high school student has made him hesitant to announce that he is gay out of fear of what his friends and family may think.

This movie is unique from other movies in the theaters because, much like the popular superhero flick Black Panther, it caters to a group of people who often aren’t the majority. People of all sexualities should find the time to watch this movie because it is eye-opening in the way that it shows the struggles and microaggressions that members of the LGBTQ community must face.

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