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Yeh for Graduation

Senior Alice Yeh uses her talent to decorate Graduation Caps for students

As the end of senior year approaches, seniors are starting to think about what they want on their graduation caps. Instead of thinking about her own cap, senior Alice Yeh is taking orders to design people’s caps for them.

“Last year, I did two of my friend’s grad caps, and I got the idea from that to earn money from it,” said Yeh.

Until last year, students weren’t allowed to decorate their own caps. With a change in administration and a push from students and teachers, the rules were changed to allow students to design caps. Graduation cap designs must be approved by June 7, and follow a set of guidelines which can be found on the Senior Class website.

For Yeh, decorating her peers’ grad caps is an opportunity to show her art abilities, as well as give back to the program that started her passion for art. Some of the proceeds she makes designing the caps will be donated to the art department at Potomac Falls.

“I might donate part of the earnings to the art program as a thank you, since I’m majoring in art at VCU, and this was my start,” said Yeh. “The teachers helped me to get to where I am and helped developed my skills.”

Most students cherish their graduation day for the rest of their lives, and what their caps looked like is often one of the things they remember most. Because of this, Yeh knows she can’t mess up.

“It’s fun, but it’s also a bit nerve wracking because I’m making something that people will be wearing on graduation day,” said Yeh.

In order to ensure that the caps are up to her high standards, Yeh will pre-sketch the designs and lay them out before making any permanent marks on the caps. Pre-orders can be submitted through remind to @pfgradcaps.

“It’s exciting to know that the caps will be meaning to people and that they’ll be done well,” said Yeh.

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