Opinion: Oh, the Things We Will Miss


As we are heading towards the second half of the fourth quarter, anxiety rises, spring fever kicks into high gear, and freshmen are excited that their first year is ending. On the other hand, the seniors are getting ready to end their last year as high schoolers.

May 1 was College Decision Day and most students have already figured out where they will be this fall. June 15 is coming fast, and once we walk across the stage, there’s no turning back. While the end is near and we say we can’t wait, there are thing that we will miss about our time here in the bubble that is high school.

Pep Rallies

Energy is high, excitement is higher and seniors are screaming “sit down freshmen.” All four classes are competing to win spirit points and a prize. Pep rallies are that one time each quarter where you get a pass to have fun, to and be as loud as you want with no restrictions.  Pep rallies are also that time you were standing together with your entire class, something that rarely happens. Pep rallies represent fun, unity, and who we are: panthers who roar all the time even when it’s not necessary. Pep rallies are not held at most colleges or universities, at least they aren’t as structured as they are in the high school setting where students are basically ushered into the setting, and they are something we will miss.

Flash Days

Flash days are those days that you walked into school and got something you didn’t expect. For example, I remember walking into school and students were standing in front of the doors screaming “IT’S FREE PIE DAY.” Let’s be honest, everybody loves pie. Pie day wasn’t the only flash day here, we’ve also had “FREE PANCAKE DAY” better known as batter day. The day you came to school and were greeted with the fresh smell of buttery gridle cakes. It made going off to your first block of the day a little better.

Gym class

The pacer is that thing that you wish left itself in middle school but somehow ran its way with you to high school. Gym was that class where you walked around the track with your friends catching up on all the tea you missed or just new tea period. Gym was that class where whenever you got there, somehow your stomach would “hurt” or you “didn’t feel well” every time you had to run a lap or two or three or four. Gym was that class that pushed you to your last nerve sometimes, but through everything, every drop of sweat, and every time you walked around with your friends, you know you’re going to miss it.

Relationships with teachers

Everyone has that one teacher who “changed their life,” and that teacher, most of the time, makes up 90 percent of the reason that student made it through high school. Not always literally, but sometimes. Everyone has that one teacher who you go to about everything regardless of if you’re on their class roster or not. Leaving one of the people who made you who you are is difficult. The saddest part about it is once you walk across that stage, you’re leaving them behind, for what could potentially be forever.


Most of us by this point have known each other for at least seven years – some for over a decade. Over this course of time, we have all grown extremely close and have made bonds that can never be broken. We’ve experienced problems with relationships, stress, choir rehearsals, concerts, homecoming, spring flings, late night study sessions, and senioritis together. Leaving your friends is difficult when you’re a senior because after graduation, everyone is going to different colleges or universities or into jobs or the military and your friend might not be doing the exact same thing that you are. We may see each other during breaks and when we’re home, but will it ever be the same as it is now seeing each other every day?

Ending senior year means no more running late to fifth period, no more catching the bus, no more school lunches, and no more walking the halls with friends. Most importantly saying goodbye to your high school career means hello to adulthood and new beginnings.